Blog November 24, 2020

How to Make Friends after Moving to another State

Moving to a different city is bound to change your life. You will be living in a completely new environment, working in a new place, or going to a new school. However, one of the biggest changes will most likely be the people around you. Moving to another state means leaving your friend behind – and making new ones. But let us be honest – when was the last time you have made a new friend?

As kids, most of us found making friends so easy – but it seems that somewhere along the way to adulthood we forgot how to do it. So in order to help you find new people to surround yourself with once you relocate, we at State to State Movers have decided to remind you how. Read on to find some helpful tips.


Practice makes perfect, right? So why not start practicing before you move home? Strike up a conversation with the person sitting next to you on a bus, or with someone waiting in line behind you. And if you fail the first time, don’t be discouraged – the more you try, the more successful you will be.

Talk to Your Friends

Tell your current friends, family members, or colleagues about your plan to move. There is a chance that some of them know people in your future hometown.

Additionally, you yourself might know a person or two in your destination. Don’t hesitate to ask them to introduce you to their friends and help you expand your social circles.

Enroll in a Class

        Is there a hobby you have always wanted to try, or a language you have always wanted to learn? Now would be the perfect time. Once you settle down in your new home, look up local workshops and classes. This way, you will not only meet people with similar interests to yours, but you will work on yourself as well. Another great way of doing both of these things is exercise. Join a gym, a yoga class, or a local running club. Additionally, you could sign up to volunteer somewhere, and do a good deed while expanding your social circles.

Stay Open Minded

        Don’t be quick to dismiss new people. Just because someone doesn’t seem like a person you would enjoy spending time with at first, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t at least give it a try. Staying open-minded will be of great help in your efforts. Besides, befriending people of different ages, cultures, or backgrounds will expand your horizons and make your life richer and more enjoyable.

Don’t Rule Out Co Workers

Maybe your past experiences with spending time with coworkers outside of working hours haven’t been great. But that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t give your new colleagues a chance. Introduce yourself on the first day and maybe invite them for drinks after work. Perhaps you could even throw a move-in party and invite them over.

Make Use of What You Have

        Take a look around you and try to spot anything that can help as an ice-breaker and conversation-starter. For example, are you a dog owner? If so, why not go to a local pet-friendly park and strike up a conversation with other animal lovers? This way, you will not only meet new people, but ensure that you have some common grounds as well. Are you a skater? Then grab your wheels and head to the nearest skate park.

Introduce Yourself to Your New Neighbors

Depending on where you are moving to and your daily routine, your neighbors will most likely be the people you see more often. So it might be wise to start off on the right foot and introduce yourself to them. Bake some cookies, knock on their doors and make some friends the old-fashioned way.

Use the Internet

        If you’re not a fan of traditional introductions, or if you simply don’t have the time to do it, turn to the virtual world. Luckily, the internet is flooded with apps and websites designed especially for meeting new people. And these don’t necessarily have to be used for finding the new love of your life. Simply make it clear that it is friendship you are after, and let the magic happen.

Don’t Be Desperate

        Even if all your initial efforts end up being in vain, don’t lose hope. Making friends isn’t something you can do by forcing it. Relax, enjoy the new chapter of your life, and new friends will show up eventually, maybe even when you least expect them.

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