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Small Apartment Ideas to Maximize Space After Moving

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Anastasia Hill

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What’s better for redecorating your new home than original and creative small apartment ideas? Tips and tricks we have to offer will definitely blow your mind. Learn how to maximize the use of space so it becomes warm and comfortable while still following trends and keeping it modern and interesting. These hacks will definitely help you enjoy your relocation even more, so without further ado, let’s dive into them.

How Can I Make My Small Apartment Better?

First of all – congratulations on relocating to another state. This is a huge step, and you should be proud of yourself for doing it. No matter what your reasons to move were, we’ll sure you’ll find a way to adjust to your new environment and enjoy it. There is no time for depression after relocating when you can get your hands full with redecorating right away.

Sure it is easy to redecorate a huge mansion with an unlimited source of income, but what about a little flat if you’re relocating on a budget? This can be a real challenge, but don’t worry, you’re on the right track. You can actually improve your little flat and make it more comfortable by following our tips. They will help you use everything you got in a convenient way and think of some creative storage options.

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How Do You Maximize a Small Space? With the Help of Creative Design Ideas

You take advantage of all you have. And by that, we mean every possible corner, the back of your doors, top areas of your furniture pieces, and a lot more, every inch counts. You should, for example, install as many floating shelves as you can and invest in multi-purpose furniture. Besides that, you can play with colors and decorations to create an optical illusion of a bigger space.

Piggybank for saving money before moving state to state
Learn how to decorate a small apartment on a budget with our tips and the best interior design ideas

Invest in Multifunctional Furniture

This is probably one of the best things you can do if you’re living in a little condo and don’t have enough space to fit everything you need. For example – your bed can be your sofa, you’ll just need a simple mechanism to flip it up and down. The second option is a coffee table that can open up and fit some things inside. You can also get a stool that opens up and use it for additional storage.

More Multifuncional Furniture Ideas

Installing a mirror on the door of your wardrobe is another great idea. You can never have enough mirrors, especially if we’re talking about smaller spaces. Having a wardrobe behind it is just a bonus. Also, consider installing one cabinet with a mirror in the bathroom. The cabinet behind it can be good for hiding medications, which is recommended if you’re relocating with kids who can get in touch with them if they are left unsupervised.

Bed with drawers
You won't regret investing in dual-purpose furniture - its design will blow your mind

Declutter Regularly to Get Rid of Extra Stuff

People often get lazy if they have a lot of storage room. They tend to store a lot of random stuff, and the worst part of it is that they probably won’t need any of that ever again. Sure, this doesn’t seem like a problem when you have a whole area just for storage, but what will you do now when you just relocated from a house to an apartment? You need to be more considerate of your space and learn how to get rid of stuff you don’t need.

Hopefully, you already downsized for your move before hiring professional state to state movers and getting their relocation services in order to have a more efficient move. If you still have a lot of large furniture pieces you don’t know where to store, you can always rent a storage unit. It is always a good idea to donate extra furniture to the ones in need or organize a garage sale and earn some extra cash you can later use for redecorating your new flat and investing in multifunctional furniture and other convenient stuff.

How Can I Make My Small Apartment Less Cluttered?

You need to reorganize it quite frequently and keep your stuff in the right place. If you are not packing your seasonal clothes in vacuum bags for storage, the closet might become messy. The same thing applies to every other area. For the kitchen, it is important that you wash dishes regularly and keep them inside of the cabinets instead of all around the area. You should also organize important documents and have some drawers or shelves where you can keep only them. This will help you stay on track with priorities, even if the rest of the place gets messy.

Woman organizing closet after moving state to state
Keep your clothes well organized and design a good storage area

Try Some of These Tricks to Make the Space Look Bigger

You are probably intuitively aware of the fact that dark colors might give an illusion that a place is smaller. This can happen to your flat as well. Avoid this mistake and rely on some bright colors when painting the walls. Also, ensure there is enough light to boost the fresh and spacious appearance of your flat.

Big windows and natural lighting can help with this as well. Keep the window curtains open and let all the light in. Once your walls are nice and bright, you can add some signature details that will pop up – this can be an eye-catching portrait on the wall or some interesting armchair in the corner.

Say Yes to Vertical Stripes

When it comes to mixing different patterns and structures, it is very important to layer and experiment with vertical lines. That’s right – vertical stripes will make everything seem longer than it actually is, no matter if we’re talking about your legs in trousers or a carpet on your floor.

Try this hack, and you’ll definitely notice the difference. This can also be used on wallpapers or curtains. You can even add little cushions with lines over some neutral ones. It is also recommended that you layer a lot – for example, place a smaller rug over the bigger one for an optical illusion.

Mirrors Can Help You Get the Depth You Want in Any Room

Floor-to-ceiling mirrors are actually great for making optical illusions and making your studio feel larger than it actually is. People can get the illusion that the area expands through the reflection in the mirror. Not only does it look chic and interesting, plus it helps the place look bigger, so it’s a win-win situation. Get a mirror with an interesting frame to make it look even more attractive and eye-catching.

A mirror installed after moving state to state
Large mirrors can make every area feel larger

Install Floating Shelves Wherever You Can

Floating shelves are another highly recommended thing for smaller flats. Practically, you won’t be able to function without them. You can use them in many different ways and play with different shapes and styles. For example, your shelves can be vertical or horizontal, opened or closed, long or short, whatever you find suitable. The more of them you have, the less cluttered your home will be with random stuff lying around.

You can also add some drawers here and there to store some more private stuff, while you can keep your books and decorations exposed. Install some of them in your bathroom – preferably above the door, where people usually have a lot of unused space. Here you can keep your towels, toiletries, and cleaning supplies. In case you’re relocating with pets, ensure that chemicals stay out of their reach.

Floating shelves
Floating shelves might be very useful in any flat no matter the design

Use Dividers if You Want to Separate Different Areas

If you don’t have separate rooms and can’t really afford to build actual walls inside, you can always be creative and find some convenient solutions. For example, there are different kinds of dividers that are easy to find and set up. These can be made out of wood or glass – they are flexible plus modern, and they will help you separate different areas.

For example, the one where you sleep from the one where you eat. You can also achieve this effect with some other details – for example, different flooring. You can set up the boundary between your kitchen and living room or bedroom by installing tiles in the kitchen and leaving a wooden floor in the rest of your studio.

Room dividers
Dividers can help you separate different areas in your studio, like the kitchen from a bedroom, for example

Bonus Tips: How to Decorate a Small Apartment for Christmas and More

Wonder how to decorate a small living room apartment for upcoming holidays? Maybe you don’t have the right place for a large Christmas tree as you did at your previous home before moving interstate. But don’t worry, there are still some great ways to bring in the holiday spirit and have your home warm and cozy – perfect for watching Christmas movies and drinking hot chocolate with your loved ones.

First things first – light it up. Burn some scented candles and place Christmas lights over shelves and mirrors. This won’t take a lot of space, but it will make the place look charming and cozy. Hang a Christmas wreath on your door as well. You can also put some decorative stickers or hang snowflakes and other decorations.

Best Ways to Store Christmas Decorations

A great tip for storing your Christman decorations is to keep them under your bed. It is always recommended to install some drawers under the bed. This is a great place to keep your stuff. You can put extra bed sheets there, but seasonal clothes and Christmas decorations as well. It is large and easily accessible, so you definitely won’t regret installing one. If you don’t have a drawer, you can always put some boxes underneath. This video will show you how to decorate a small studio apartment for Christmas.

With These Amazing Small Apartment Ideas, Your New Place Will Be Neat and Chic

If you’re excited about relocating to one of the best cities for millennials, no matter if you’re relocating for a job or you’re relocating for love, nothing should stop you. By following our tips, you’ll have a stress-free relocation and succeed in organizing your move and flat like a pro interior designer. If you want to have even smoother and easier relocation, you can always hire professional state-to-state movers, and they can show you additional relocation hacks that will speed up and upgrade your move.

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