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How to Change Your Address When You Move Cross-Country

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Julie Grace

Originally from The Golden City, Julie has explored the ins and outs of moving and has written all the tips down.

When you’re sure of how to change your address when you move, you can do other things for this relocation. Many people think relocation is all about packing belongings and making your new home livable. Yes, you have to pack and unpack. However, you shouldn’t forget about changing your place of residence. It’s one of the mistakes you should avoid because everyone should be notified about your move.

Whether this is your hundredth move or it’s your first time, stress-free relocation should be the goal. The best thing is to make a relocation to another state checklist. That way, you’ll be sure every task is completed. So, as soon as you decide to find another home, start with organizing the move. This means looking for professional moving services, as well as including a change of address (COA), that many of us would overlook. However, remember that COA is an important task you should do before the moving day because it can lead you to many mishaps.

Why It’s Important Knowing How to Change Your Address When You Move?

Every relocation is a challenging process. No matter if you’re relocating just around the corner or to another country. Luckily, with some relocation tips, you’ll move like a pro. Of course, help from professionals is always welcomed. For example, if you want reliable auto transport for your vehicle.

Besides hiring state-to-state movers, you should ask yourself how do you change your mailing address when you move. It’s not just because you want other people to be aware of where you live and where they can contact you. It’s also because if you don’t do it, you can have some legal issues.

How to Update Address – Take Some Steps Before the Process

Even though you have everything prepared – a to-do list, help from professionals in the form of packing services, and if needed storage facility, remember something still can go wrong. Relocation stress is a big obstacle that can make you overlook even the most obvious facts. For example, you probably know that having an exact number of the new home is a must. However, with all things going on and wanting to move efficiently, mistakes can happen.

So, if you’re wondering how can I change my address as well as where to change your address when you move, keep reading, and you’ll have a bigger picture of the whole process.

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When Should I Change My Address When Moving to a New Home?

People move for many reasons, whether it’s a great job opportunity or a better place for life. One thing is for sure; you realize the importance of COA. Now, let’s see when it’s the best time to do it. For starters, you should know it’s one of the things to do when relocating to a new state. And it will take around one week to update your information. However, make sure you apply two weeks before the move. That way, you’ll have enough time to check if something goes wrong.

Think rationally – you’ll have full hands with different tasks once you settle in. From unpacking after the move and maybe meeting new neighbors, you might feel just too overwhelmed for other tasks. Don’t forget there’s also depression after relocation that can happen to everyone. Especially if you are in a last-minute move.

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Keep in Mind Informing Your Family and Friends of Home Change

Once you realize all the benefits of this move, there comes the hard part – letting your loved ones know about it. Saying bye to friends isn’t the easiest thing to do, but keep in mind it’s something you have to do. It’s hard enough that you probably won’t always be around, but at least your family and friends will know where to send you a postcard or a present.

Since there’s an outbreak of Coronavirus in every corner of the world, the smartest thing would be to do this online. Nowadays, there are many online apps and platforms that will allow you to make an online chat or call. Check Skype, Facetime, and others. That way, you won’t risk the health of others, and you’ll still have a chance to say goodbye to your loved ones.

A smiling girl having a video call on a laptop before interstate moving
There are numerous video call or chat apps

The Best Approach When Changing Your Residential Location

After probably the hardest thing is done, and your loved ones are aware of your move, you can proceed with other tasks. One of the steps when relocating to another state is to check the best way to notify of an address change.

After notifying the loved ones, the post office comes next. You can simply visit their website and check everything in just a couple of minutes. You don’t need to rush to the post office and wait in lines for hours. Then you can proceed with informing government institutions, but let’s see the best way to update your information when wondering how to move to a new city.

A man working on a laptop before moving interstate
Visit the post office’s website first

Choose Between Online or Old Fashion Way of Changing Place of Residence

Where to change address when you move is the main question, especially when you are relocating during Coronavirus. The less contact with other people you have, the better. So, why lose your precious time when you can simply visit the USPS website and fill an online form.

Not only is this the fastest way to update your information, but also you don’t need to wait in endless lines in the post offices. Once you submit the form, you’ll get a confirmation mail with all the instructions. However, if you need additional help, you can always contact them, and they’ll explain how to complete the form.

What You Need For Submitting Successfully COA Form?

Updating your home number has never been easier. Postal service made it effortless since all you need is your mail, credit card, and phone number. However, keep in mind that there are scams out there, and they’ll charge you more from COA service.

Ensure your personal information doesn’t end up in the wrong hands. The security of your personal data is something you should be aware of. Also, the sooner you stop getting mail from previous residents, the less chance you have of getting yourself into legal trouble. It’s a crime to open someone else’s mail.

Credit cards in a wallet
Submitting the online form has never been easier

What to Do When Changing Address for All Family Members

If you are moving with kids, you probably found one of the best cities in the US for families. When that big task is over, you should pass on checking how to update their data, as well. You can add each family member to an online form if you all have the same last name. If that’s not the case, you’ll have to take a few more minutes to fill out more online forms.

When relocating with pets, you can visit the websites of the pet microchip registry and check how the updating info goes. Calling the registry company is also an option if additional help is needed. Here’s a video to help you out if you’ve never done it before.

Who Else Should Be Notified About the Move to Another Place

The Post office isn’t the only institution that has to be aware of the move. If you are wondering who else to notify when moving, then you should consider other government institutions. Anxiety about relocating can affect your preparation, and you might end up forgetting to do some important things. For example, notifying every agency, institution, and service can be the last thing on your mind, but still something you must do.

Places to Change Your Address When You Move to Another House

There’s a whole list of institutions, agencies, and services that you have to notify about the move. That’s why making a list of them could be the best way to stay updated and organized. In the following text, we’ll go through each one and check the fastest way to modify the place of residence.

A man holding a smartphone and writing something on paper before moving interstate
Create a checklist of institutions you should notify about the move

Advice All Government Institutions You’re Relocating

Put on your updating residence checklist DMV because you surely want your driver’s license and vehicle registration updated before the move. Next on the list should be the IRS. All tax info should be updated and remain current. Don’t forget about social security, although it’s unnecessary to have your house number updated on social security cards. And last but not least, voter registration info should be updated, as well. You don’t have to remain without the possibility to vote when the time comes to do it.

The great news is that for all these government and security institutions, you can visit each website and in just a few clicks, all data will be updated. Also, you’ll get a confirmation mail that everything is registered and updated.

A man in front of the desk with a laptop, phone, and notebook
Inform all government institutions in just a few clicks online about the move

Announce the Move to Insurance Providers and Banks

Next on your list should be insurance and finance providers. For many people, this might be an unnecessary step to deal with when you are thinking about how to pack dishes and other fragile items. However, these steps will take you only a couple of minutes, and you’ll be thankful you did them before the move. There will be more tedious tasks to deal with after you settle in the future place. So, here’s a list of institutions you should notify:

  • Health insurance – changing the residence with health, dental, and other insurance institutions will ensure you have valid coverage in your future place.
  • Car insurance – contact your provider and ensure you won’t have to modify coverage.
  • Doctors and veterinarians – people who provide you with services should be aware of your move.
  • Banks – be sure all bills are sent to the right person and place.
  • Credit card companies – they should have your place of living updated in their system even though we pay pretty much everything paperless.
A woman speaking on the phone at her home office after state to state moving
Create a list of your own that will keep you updated

Each Utility Service Should Be Notified When Changing Number on Your Mailbox

Transferring utilities should also be a task before the relocation crew comes to load your stuff into the truck. Having electricity and water the day you settle in is important, not just because of your first impression. It’s also essential because imagine you are relocating in winter and not having a possibility to turn on the heating.

So, take your computer, laptop, or any other smart device and start visiting each website and check which service you can transfer online. From phone, cable, internet to gas, sewer utility company and garbage company. Also, ensure you do it at least two weeks before the moving day.

A woman talking on a smartphone and working on a laptop
Ensure all utilities are notified about the relocation

Take Advantage of the Professional Relocation Services and Let Them Take Care of Your Move

Once you are done contacting everyone and letting them know about your relocation, you can let the relocation crew do the rest of the work. Having a helping hand will ease the whole process since there’s so much stuff to be done and have a successful move.

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