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Adjustment Insomnia – Sleeping Difficulties After Moving

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Hannah Michaelson

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A change of daily routines, jobs, and lifestyles can negatively affect your sleeping habits. If you have difficulties falling asleep or your sleep is interrupted, and you moved recently, it is most probable you’re dealing with adjustment insomnia. Here is the ultimate guide on what this term means, how to recognize the symptoms, and overcome this tiring disorder.

No matter what your reasons to move are, whether you decided to move for love or you finally got that career advancement opportunity and moved for a job, feeling some anxiety about moving out is something to expect. Uncertainty, worries, dealing with paperwork and visas, preparing your home for sale, and going through the whole process of organizing the interstate moving process are simply overwhelming. However if anxiety becomes so severe that you start feeling the consequences after the move, it could easily grow into depression. For that reason, knowing the ways to deal with it is the first step of combating the issue.

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What Should You Know About Insomnia Symptoms, Causes, and Treatment?

For 70 million Americans, sleep disorder is common. The reasons that provoke those problems are different. However, the majority of them are initially caused by major life events. Sleeplessness is so tiring that it inevitably impacts the quality of life overall. But for some people, even recognizing the problem can be challenging. That’s why we decided to present you with all the necessary information that will help you recognize the symptoms more easily.

How Do You Know You Have Insomnia? The Definition of One of the Most Common Sleep Disorders

According to the World Health Organization, it is the chronic inability to get adequate sleep. The symptoms include:

  • Inability to fall asleep,
  • Disturbed sleep, waking up frequently during the night, and inability to fall back asleep,
  • Waking up too early in the morning tired and anxious,
  • Feeling sleepy, getting easily irritated during the day,
  • Feeling anxiety and depression,
  • Worrying and overthinking all the time.

Another trigger that could indicate you’re experiencing an issue, as American Psychiatric Association suggests, is the inability to restore regular sleeping habits for at least three nights per week. All those symptoms, depending on their intensity, can be categorized as acute or chronic sleeping disorders.

What Are the Major Life Events That Can Affect the Occurrence of Sleeping Disorders?

As we’ve mentioned before, this condition is a consequence of not being able to process emotions regarding current events. The main triggers that have the potential to cause acute problems are major life events that include moving, stress, frequent travels, change of time-zones, change of job, bad lifestyle habits like smoking, junk food, drinking alcohol late at night, and similar.

All those triggers combined can be the reason for the occurrence of acute sleeping problems. In case that the issue persists for longer than three months, there is a possibility that this problem is caused by some mental health disorders, chronic pains, or other health conditions such as heartburn, diabetes, hypertension, asthma, or even apnea, arthritis, and menopause.

No matter what the reason for the sleepless nights is, the best solution to start dealing with it is to see a doctor who will diagnose the problem and suggest effective solutions.

What Is Adjustment Insomnia and How Can Moving Initiate It?

Adjustment insomnia is defined as an acute disorder, and it is typically caused by some crucial life change. One of the main acute insomnia causes is associated with moving to a new state and changing the whole lifestyle. And no matter if the changes are for the better, the stress level can be so high when switching the environment, that it could cause a severe sleeping disorder.

For people who relocate to another state alone, this could be even more overwhelming. Without their family or friends, faced with feelings of loneliness, and nostalgia, they could easily fall into depression after relocating. However, the real reason for the occurrence of the issue should be searched at a deeper level, or what was the initial cause for the move?

Was the decision to move interstate inspired by the desire to be happier in life? Was the reason a better job, or a job loss, or divorce? Once you find the real reason and answer these questions honestly, you will easily map the problem. And this is exactly what will mark the beginning of resolving it.

a woman speaking with the therapist about problems after interstate moving
Don’t hesitate to consult a professional therapist who will guide you through the process of revealing the real cause of your sleepless nights

The Lack of Quality Sleep Can Have Severe Consequences on Your Physical and Mental Health!

Being unable to get the needed rest can cause severe consequences on people’s health in general. And mental health will be hit first. Here are some of the most common issues people deal with when having sleeping disorders:

  • Reduced ability to memorize things,
  • Troubles with concentration and thinking,
  • Regular mood swings,
  • Anxiety, depression, worrying,
  • A weakened immune system,
  • Higher chance of accidents – falls, car accidents, etc.,
  • Increase in blood pressure,
  • Increase of insulin and higher risk of getting type 2 diabetes,
  • Weight gain,
  • Risk of heart disease,
  • Low libido.

All these factors combined may lead to severe consequences, like decreased performances at the workplace, school, or even a need for isolation from society, leaving the person exhausted, emotionally drained, and frustrated.

Behavioral Therapy Is the Most Effective Way in Fighting the Sleeping Issues

If a person suffers from severe issues during the adjustment process, then we highly recommend seeing a professional therapist. The therapist will guide you through the whole process and help you notice the real problem more easily and quickly. So choosing the right type of therapy to understand the problem is the most effective way of successfully resolving it.

Behavioral therapy is a proven method of dealing with problems with adjusting to different environments and lifestyles. Moreover, it is applicable to different types of mental disorders, so it is one of the most commonly recommended methods by professional therapists. So, instead of deciding to use sleeping pills, try to understand the problem at the deepest level and find a permanent solution.

How Do I Overcome Sleep Insomnia? Alternative Techniques to Help You Calm Down the Emotions and Thoughts

To stop overthinking and asking yourself should I move back home, it would be great to try to calm down your thoughts. Practicing alternative techniques like yoga, meditation, and breathing can help you to restore good sleeping patterns. Sign up for yoga or meditation classes or try to find some useful videos on Youtube that can help you get into the routine.

The sooner you start practicing, the better the results will be, and you’ll notice how your body and mind come into perfect order. To find out what impact yoga has on your psychological state, make sure to take a look at the video below, and start making changes as soon as possible!

How Do You Treat Adjustment Insomnia?

Experiencing severe insomnia means you haven’t properly slept in months. And if this is the case, then don’t waste any time and contact the medical provider to ask about your options. Seeing a specialist who will give an opinion and suggest the right treatment is required. Depending on your medical history and current health conditions, the medical professional can recommend using drugs and seeing a therapist as part of the regular treatment. So if you’re experiencing a similar problem, don’t hesitate and schedule an appointment with a doctor as soon as possible!

 a man talking with a therapist trying to resolve problems after interstate moving
A combination of psychotherapy and alternative ways like yoga and meditation can give the best results in resolving sleeping issues

How to Fight the Difficulties of Adjusting to a New Environment?

Moving from a small town to a big city requires certain adjustments and changes of habits, but it provides numerous options to improve the quality of life and spend your free time. Here are some useful long-distance moving tips to overcome being away from your family and friends more easily.

Explore the Area and Visit the Most Prominent Sights in Vicinity

One of the first things to do when moving to a new state is exploring the surroundings. This way, you’ll get more familiar with the area’s customs and opportunities, and what is even more important, you’ll make a change and break the routine.

Take Your Car With You To Be Fully Mobile

When organizing your move, don’t forget to schedule car shipping and take your vehicle to another location. Although this could slightly increase the costs of interstate moving, it is worth every dollar, since it will provide you with complete freedom when you move to another location. So don’t forget to learn all the car shipping tips and properly prepare the car for shipping so you can experience all the benefits of moving to a new state.

Be Open for New Friendships!

Another thing to do when you move to a new state is to become a part of the community and try to make friends in a new city. Knowing the locals can help you adjust to the environment more easily and make up for the emptiness you feel now that you’ve said bye to friends. The best way to find like-minded people is of course devoting yourself to favorite hobbies or volunteering. However, don’t forget to meet new neighbors who have lived in the neighborhood for a longer time, who could reveal some valuable pieces of information regarding some practical details.

a woman reading a map, trying to explore the area after long-distance moving
Occupy your time and thoughts by traveling through the area and meeting new friends

To Decrease Stress Levels Related to Interstate Moving, Hire Professionals to Help You With the Move

Moving state to state will mean dealing with thousands of details. To move efficiently, and have a stress-free move, hiring professional state-to-state movers to handle the whole relocation process will definitely help. Not only will they organize packing to move, but they will also provide you with all the moving services, even with auto transport. So when choosing an interstate moving company, make sure to check all the details in advance and read the reviews and testimonials on third-party websites to assure you’ve chosen reliable relocation providers and avoid moving scams.

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