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How to Transfer Utilities When Moving Interstate

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Julie Grace

Originally from The Golden City, Julie has explored the ins and outs of moving and has written all the tips down.

Every relocation has ups and downs. If you consider that an average American moves about 12 times in a lifetime, it’s normal to make a mistake or two every once in a while. So, having some tips on not only how to pack efficiently but also how to transfer utilities is more than welcome. Having electricity, water, and the internet in the future home is more than just one more step in this process. 

One of the biggest reasons why people move is finding a better house than they live in now. We all know that isn’t exactly the easiest thing to do, so having some house hunting tips will be more than welcome. And after finding that perfect place with everything you need, you should get organized for the move. The best way to do it is definitely with a relocation checklist. Not only will you have a stress-free move, but also more time to answer questions like is it easy to transfer utilities?

Learn Why It’s Important to Know How to Transfer Utilities to a New Tenant

No one wants to be in the dark or without the internet, especially after a long, difficult move, right? Unknown surroundings, exhaustion, and the knowledge that the unpacking process still awaits can only make the whole adaptation even harder. However, if you plan the entire relocation on time, everything will be much easier.

So, when moving out for the first time, find a reliable moving company that will help you with packing services and also offer a storage facility for your belongings. Then, deal with other tasks that are important for an efficient move. Yes, there will be many things you’ll have to do. Answering the question can you transfer utilities to another person should be one of the first ones.

A man taking notes from online research for the best state to state movers
Deal with things before the move that will make the whole process easier

How Soon Before Moving Should I Transfer Utilities?

Ideally, most utility companies should be able to switch or turn off their services within 48 hours. However, you should notify each company about terminating or switching services at least three or two weeks before the moving day.

Timing is everything. Not only will you be able to do other tasks for the move, but there won’t be room for panic should you make any changes. That’s why last-minute relocation isn’t the best solution, although it’s manageable. Let’s say you’re planning to relocate in winter – having heating turned on is a must.

Wooden table near a white radiator with some magazines on it
Heating should be working depending on the season when you're relocating

Create a Checklist That Will Keep You Updated on Each Utility That Has to Be Transferred

Having a list of things you need to do for this relocation will not just keep you updated but will give you a timeframe for each one of them. It’s important to have one because you can easily forget to check how to transfer utility bills to another name between setting up the relocation budget and saying goodbye to friends.

So when you create a relocation essentials checklist, ensure you prepare one for all the companies you need to contact and let them know about the move. Notifying everyone isn’t that much fun, but it’s definitely something that has to be done. Here’s a list of services that could help you get a bigger picture of what this task is all about:

  • Gas,
  • Electricity,
  • Water and sewer,
  • Internet,
  • Landline telephone,
  • Trash,
  • Home security.

Dealing with different companies will require more time than you think. That’s why you shouldn’t postpone this step and get to work as soon as you realize all the benefits of relocation.

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Set This Task as Your Priority and Start Transferring One Utility at the Time

Even a perfectly planned move with all relocation tips applied can have some missteps. It’s important to know that something wrong might happen. That’s why taking every task seriously will lower the chances of mistakes that could ruin the whole experience. In fact, it could speed up the adjustment period after relocating to a different state.

A woman writing tasks in the notebook for interstate moving
Choose the most suitable method for you to get organized

Decide Whether You’re Changing or Transferring Utility Services – Contact the Companies

Once you have each service to call listed, feel free to go over that list once again. This will allow you to think through if each service is really needed. For example, why pay for cable if you don’t even watch TV anymore? Okay, electricity, the internet, and alike are some things you should have in the future home, but avoid transferring all other service providers you don’t really need or use.

When you’re sure which companies you’ll call, proceed with figuring out which services will have the same providers for your future address and which ones you’ll have to change completely. It depends on the state you’re relocating to and the company’s policy. Contact each one of them and check if it’s possible to change the address. Be sure to check the following things, too:

  • Will you have to pay anything for canceling the account and connecting everything again?
  • Is a deposit required?
  • Will you get a discount with a new account?
  • Is lowering your bill possible?
  • Do you have to be present when the old service is turned off and once the new one is turned on?

How to Transfer Utilities When Buying a Home – Prepare All Documents for Waste Removal

Having all documents organized at home is always a good idea, not just when you’re relocating. If you’re wondering what you need to rent an apartment, apart from a valid ID and proof of rental history, you will also have to talk to the landlord or property management about the setting up of all the services you’ll need in the rental unit.

Deal With an Address Change Before the Moving Day

Don’t forget to change your address. Luckily, you won’t have to deal with waiting in long lines to get that done. The fastest way to change your address is to fill an online form. With a valid email account, you’ll be able to follow the instructions, and you’ll get confirmation when it’s done. Do it before the moving day and stop getting mail for previous residents.

A woman holding a laptop on her knees
Changing addresses has never been easier with an online form

How to Transfer the Electric Bill to a New Owner – Steps That Will Make the Whole Process Easier

Take into account that relocation isn’t only about gathering packing materials and carefully organizing the packing process. Don’t forget that you’ll still receive electric bills after the move. And those bills should be in your name. Almost every company has an online option for changing your personal information. This means there’s no waiting and losing your nerves.

However, be fully prepared when you start doing it by having personal documents near you. Also, expect that you’ll have to pay a security deposit or some other fee.

A man using a laptop after moving interstate
The bills will arrive after the move, and you'll still have to pay them

Learn How to Transfer the Water Service

Once the electric bills are taken care of, now come water and sewer. Get in touch with the city’s public utility office and set the date when the running water will be turned on. That way, you’ll move into a place that will be ready for you to settle in. Ensure you do this task at least two weeks before the move because you never know whether something could go wrong.

Woman drinking water after state to state movers unload the last box out of the truck
Take care of this task at least two weeks before the move

Check Outstanding Balances When Moving State to State

Leaving your old house and starting over is a big step in life. There will be many different opportunities, whether it’s a job opportunity or any other – it’s a new chapter in your life, and you should start it without any strings attached. This means you should take care of outstanding balances if you have any. Get rid of any unpaid bills because only then can you switch or transfer a utility.

These situations could also cause depression after relocating since you can’t fully enjoy the adventure. So, before you start making friends in the future city and get to meeting neighbors, ensure all of your finances are in order, and there are no unpaid bills.

Return All the Remaining Equipment

Probably the most commonly forgotten step in every relocation is returning the equipment you won’t be using anymore. For example, you just got done packing the TV, but you’re not bringing the router with you. You can’t just leave it there – your provider might need it back and could even sue you for the unreturned equipment. The best solution is to call their support center and ask everything you want to know.

Plan One Last Meter Reading Before You Settle in the New Apartment

Plan another final meter reading before you shut down all services in your old house. Be sure you know the status of electricity, internet and alike. Even if you might not think you need it, do it just in case. It can be quite helpful if you receive bills after the move.

Find some tips on how to do a meter reading yourself in the video below.

Take Care of the Final Step – Confirm Everything Has Been Transferred a Day Before the Move

Most people avoid this because it seems like an unnecessary step. However, confirming each service has been transferred and turned on once you move in is very important. Not only will you not have the energy to deal with that after the long trip, but you’ll probably have to wait another two days to have everything working.

Take one afternoon and contact providers and be sure everything will be set up and ready for you. It’s extremely important if you’re relocating with kids or while you’re pregnant. Just imagine not being able to wash your hands or turn on the air conditioner – it would be the worst.

A woman talking on the phone before moving interstate
Contact providers and be sure everything will work when you settle in

After You Learned How to Transfer Utilities to a New Owner, Find a Reliable Moving Company

It’s a big change relocating to another house and completely different surroundings with people you don’t know. Staying organized and doing all the tasks in the set timeframe will help a lot. However, nothing can be more helpful when you have a professional relocation crew by your side to give you a helping hand not only with packing stuff but also with safe auto transport. It could be a lifesaver if you’re wondering how to prepare a car for shipping.

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