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Moving in the Rain – 5 Tips That Will Help You Move On a Rainy Day

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Anastasia Hill

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If moving in the rain seems to be inevitable, and you are already starting to panic and think about all the worst-case scenario outcomes, just stop for a minute and read this text. With our convenient tips and tricks, you will overcome this issue like a pro and move efficiently in no time. There is no need to let this scare you and make you lose hope that you’ll move successfully and easily.

What to Do if It’s Raining on Moving Day?

The big day is finally here, you’re ready to move to a new city, and your dream life is about to start, but wait. Is that a raindrop on your window? Is it followed by another one? Oh no, now you’re probably freaking out and wondering how this is possible, it is the worst thing that could happen. Take a deep breath and relax, don’t let the anxiety about relocating catch you now. This is not a complete catastrophe, and there are still some options you can choose from to move efficiently and safely.

Is It Ok to Move in the Rain?

Relocations during those rainy days when it’s just drizzling are usually harmless, and nothing should go wrong. Now, if it’s pouring, there will be some challenges you should think about. One of the options is to postpone the move, but if your reasons to move don’t allow you to wait not even a day longer, there are a couple of things you can do as well to save the day. One thing you should do, even if it is summer, is to check the weather forecast regularly, so there won’t be any unpleasant surprises, and you’ll be ready if it starts raining cats and dogs.

How Do You Move When It’s Raining?

One of the most important things you need to take care of if you’re moving stuff in the rain is that your belongings stay dry. In order to achieve this, you’ll need to have the proper equipment, know a few relocation hacks, and in most cases, good assistance. If you’re relocating during the winter months, the chances are high that the weather won’t work in your favor, so having a few friends ready to come over and help you is the way to go. Professional assistance during a rainy day will definitely help you deal with all the relocation stress, but there are some other things that can help you as well. 

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#1 Pack Your Items Using the Proper Equipment and Mostly Plastic Packing Supplies

How do you cover furniture when moving in the rain? Well, this is obviously impossible without the proper packing materials. Plastic is a waterproof material, unlike cardboard, so it will be your best ally. Once you’re done with your regular packing procedure and have packed most of your inventory, you should waterproof cardboard boxes by wrapping them into plastic wrap. This is, in most cases, a solution good enough, so if there is any potential risk of a storm on your relocation day, you should definitely do this in advance or at least have some plastic wrap prepared. 

Other Packing Hacks You Can Use to Protect Your Items for Moving During the Rainy Days

If you invest in professional packing services, your chosen state to state movers will bring a plastic wrap, covers, and many other suitable materials that will protect your belongings from bad weather conditions and keep them dry. Make sure to tip movers who were working on your relocation in such bad conditions, it won’t significantly increase the cost of your interstate relocation. Other options for those who are relocating on a budget and want to save some money include being creative and repurposing some stuff you already have, for example:

  • Cover boxes and pack clothes by using large garbage bags,
  • Wrap your paintings into plastic wrap,
  • Put heavy blankets and sheets over your fragile or wooden furniture. 

Buying a shrink wrap is another option, convenient if you have a lot of antiques and fine art you wish to protect.

Protect Your Belongings Properly Even if You’re Just Transporting Them to Storage

Protecting your inventory is also important if you’re relocating your storage unit inventory during the rainy days. Even if items there are already covered or protected with some packing material, you should add an additional layer of protection to ensure bad weather can do no harm. If, for example, they are wrapped in sheets that will protect them from dust, you can additionally wrap them in some waterproof covers to stop the water from getting through the sheets.

Person covering furniture in plastic wrap
You should wrap your boxes to waterproof them

#2 Dress Appropriately and Prepare Your Rain Gear

Apart from covering and protecting your belongings, you have to think about yourself as well. It will be hard, sometimes even impossible, to carry your umbrella together with boxes and heavy furniture. One of the best tips for moving in the rain is to wear your rain gear – waterproof jackets or raincoats, preferably with a hoodie. 

Don’t forget about the shoes as well. Rainy weather during the move is potentially dangerous because all the surfaces you have to walk over might get slippery – inside and around the home. That’s why you need to put on some waterproof shoes that aren’t so slippery.

Pack Some Extra Clothes in Your Essential Box

While you’re packing for your move, you should also consider preparing a bag with relocation essentials. This is the box where you can keep all of the essential items – stuff that you use daily like chargers, medication, and toiletries. For rainy days, some extra clothes and towels are preferable. Don’t forget about packing shoes as well. You can also pack some tea and an electric water boiler. This could be useful for short breaks when you and your helpers need to warm up for another round of staying outside during the rainy and potentially cold weather.

Man wearing a raincoat
Ensure you have the appropriate attire and some extra clothes in your essentials box

#3 Cover Your Floors to Protect Them From the Water

Another thing you should do to prevent any unnecessary damage is to protect your floors. First of all, you should put a welcome mat or a rug in front of your door to prepare for movers who will be going in and out numerous times. Also, consider turning up the heat if it’s cold – this will keep the whole crew warm and also help the wet parts dry sooner. 

You can place old towels or cardboard pieces to protect the floors, covering the entire route your state to state movers will be taking. With wet shoes, floors can get slippery, and this could lead to someone getting injured during the relocation process. Not to mention that damaging the wooden floor might cost you your deposit, be extra careful, so you don’t lose that money on the very last day.

scissors and duct tape
You should ensure all the floors are covered to prevent slipping and damages

#4 Organize People, so That Everyone Knows What They Are Doing

To complete your relocation appropriately, you should definitely come up with a system. This is a preferable method no matter the conditions, but vital during the rainy season. One or two people should be in charge of the area around the truck. They should take care of the inside of the truck by arranging all of the belongings. Loading and unloading, taking care of appropriate weight distribution, thinking where to place fragile objects such as electronic devices, and so on. 

A different part of the crew should be in charge of going from point A to point B. Carrying things downstairs or to the truck, for example. Someone can also be in charge of trying to keep everything as dry as possible. This person should wipe the floor from time to time, change up a dry towel, or wet cardboard pieces covering the floors.

Additional Organization Tips

For moving homes in the rain, there are some additional hacks and tips you should follow to make this process easier. For example, it is recommended that you unload all of your inventory to one area – preferably a covered one. The ideal location for this is a garage. If you don’t have it at your new home, you can set up this area somewhere close to your front door. You can also set up a pop-up tent as a drying area.

Wait for Heavy Rainfall to Stop

Another hack you can use is to wait for occasional breaks when it is not pouring that badly. These periods are ideal for carrying some cardboard boxes because then they won’t get soaked. Things you should also consider relocating during these breaks are electronic devices, mattresses, antiques, valuables, and delicate wooden pieces of furniture. If you are organizing your documents at home, ensure you put them in a waterproof case, no matter what kind of weather you are expecting, because this is something that you should be extra careful with even if you’re not relocating in cold weather.

Professional state to state movers in front of relocation truck
You have to make a proper system - someone should be close to the relocation truck all the time

#5 Hire Professionals to Make Moving in the Rain Much More Comfortable

Do moving companies move in the rain? Usually, this depends on the company’s moving services and how severe the weather conditions are. Sometimes they might offer to change the date, which is usually not a sign of a relocation scam, so you shouldn’t be worried about that. No matter the case, hiring one of the interstate moving companies to help you move to a new state can make everything ten times easier, especially if you’re relocating with kids.

Man holding an umbrella
Don't let a few drops ruin your relocation day, check the forecast and be ready

Don’t Let a Few Rain Drops Ruin Your Relocation, Focus on the Positive Things That Are Coming

If you’re relocating for the first time and it’s raining, don’t think it is bad luck. You might be relocating for love, or you’re moving for a job, so keep that in mind. Even if something gets wet or you find a few ruined books once you start unpacking, don’t let that cause you depression after relocating. Regardless of the season, relocations are a big change and can be stressful enough even without the bad weather, so give your best to go with the flow and maintain a positive attitude.

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