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How to Organize Packing to Move?

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Daisy Wilson

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Moving interstate can be stressful and overwhelming, but if you know how to organize packing to move, this undertaking can go smoothly and with no much fuss. Even though packing is the most challenging part of the move, if it is done in the right way, your relocation can be a rather fun experience. Keep reading and find out more tips for stress-free moves.

Start Preparations for Your Packing Day

You should start your packing at least one week before your move. The first thing you need to do is go through your house and decide which items you will bring with you. You need to do this before hiring movers because estimating cost of moving will be much easier if you know how much stuff you need to move. This will also be an excellent time to put aside your moving essentials, so when the packing starts, you don’t accidentally pack something that you will need. You should also make moving to a new state checklist so you can follow all processes that involve moving – with it, you will be able to keep track of the expenses and relocation-related things that haven’t been done yet.

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Clean Your Items

You can start washing your summer clothes if you are moving in winter or taking your rugs to clean and your suits for a dry cleaner. If you have antiques, do all the preparation you need to do for sound preservation and not worry about it on a big day. You can also hire a company to do a deep cleaning of your furniture – take advantage of your interstate moving to refresh all your stuff.

Women ready to clean items for moving
You’ll be in good hands with professional movers

Get Moving Materials and Boxes That You Need

If you chose to pack your belongings by yourself, you need to get some packing materials for moving. So, go to the store and by some:

  • Boxes,
  • Labels,
  • Plastic and bubble wraps,
  • Markers,
  • Stickers,
  • Furniture pads,
  • Moving blankets,
  • Duct tape.

However, if you think this is more than you can handle, you can hire state to state movers and their packing services.

packing supplies
With proper materials, you’ll have an organized move

Best Tips on How to Organize Packing to Move

First, you need to choose a labeling system for your boxes like coloring, writing, or sticker system. In our experience, if you use a combination of all three methods, you will be better organized. For instance, use color dots to mark a room, label or sticker to mark the type of things in the box (like summer clothes or dishes,)  and you can write all the things that are in the box with markers.

Make Moving Inventory List for Easy Packing

First, make a list of all the things you are relocating to keep track if something is lost or broken. With an inventory list, your movers will get around more comfortable, and if you did proper labeling, you should have no problems. Also, take a picture of your stuff, so you can claim your moving insurance if there are some accidental damages.

Get Rid of the Items You Don’t Use

Moving to a new state is an excellent opportunity to get rid of things you don’t need. You can make a garage sale and make some money, but you can also donate unwanted items if you don’t have time for organizing a sale. If you are moving to a smaller home, you will have to downsize your home for moving. This means you will probably have to get rid of the big furniture as well.

Pack Your Items Room by Room and Label Your Boxes

The best way is to start packing with the rooms and stuff you use least, so start with your garage or basement. If you are wondering how to organize a packing list well, going room by room is the best way. If you have any doubts about how to pack fragile items, or your electronics, or, maybe, you have to move a pool table and don’t know how, you can hire movers to pack only these items, and you can do the rest. You should pack your bedroom and kitchen last.

Sticky notes
Sorting your things out will help you to pack faster

How to Pack for a Move Fast?

If you have last-minute moving and you need to pack fast, the fastest way is to hire a professional moving services. But if you don’t have money for that, you can wrap up your items, put them in the storage unit, and move them later. There are some additional pieces of advice for faster packing you can adopt. For example, leave clothes on the hanger – not only that your packing will be quicker that way, but unpacking too. Use socks, towels, or blankets to protect your fragile items. And you can check this video for some more tips and tricks.

Mistakes You Should Avoid Before a Big Day

Some of the common mistakes people make when packing are when they use a bad labeling system, or none at all. Thus, movers will not know where to put which box, and you will have to open each box to see where it goes when unpacking. If you don’t make an inventory list and don’t take pictures of your belongings, your insurance claim will be more challenging. Finally, don’t pack too much stuff.

Movers carrying shelf
Hire professional movers to avoid mistakes

Hire a Cross Country Moving Company to Do Your Packing

As you can see, an organization is key to an “easy-going” move. And if you learn how to fill your boxes correctly, you will not have problems to worry about. But if you feel you are not up to this task, which can be meticulous and time-consuming, then hire state to state movers to help you on your voyage.

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