Blog November 28, 2020

How to organize the packing process

Are you planning on moving soon? If you’re having trouble organizing and planning your relocation, we are here to help you! One of the most time-consuming and demanding procedures during relocation is packing. This is particularly true for those who never had any experience with packing before. People usually tend to underestimate the amount of time and effort they’ll need to put into the packing process. If you want to learn how to efficiently and properly organize your packing process, continue reading!

1: Inventory all of your belongings

Before you can begin anything else, you first need to see what you’re dealing with. If you have a storage room, there is a good chance that you will come across some things you forgot you even had! Right then is the perfect time to get rid of those things. On the other hand, inventorying all of your items will also help you decide how many packing supplies you’ll need. For example, you will need to figure out how many moving boxes to get. The next step is to get rid of the items you won’t be bringing along to your new home.

2: Get rid of the things you no longer want or need

You may be wondering what to do with the items you no longer need. We have a few recommendations for you:

  • Sell the items online or organize a garage sale
  • Give them to a charity, such as GoodWill or Red Cross
  • Give them away to friends and relatives
  • Throw them away if they’re damaged or worn

Organizing a garage sale is an excellent idea because you can earn some money right before your relocation, which is quite convenient. Don’t forget to decide on the price tags for each items, and don’t forget to let people know that you’ll be holding a garage sale! If you’re feeling a bit more humane, consider donating to a charity and helping someone in need!

3: Get the right packing supplies

Now that you have all the items that you want to take with you, you can start getting the right packing supplies. You’ll need:

  • Moving boxes
  • Packaging material: foam peanuts, bubble wrap, old newspaper, styrofoam
  • Sealing tape

You can also opt for some protective and helpful equipment, such as protective gloves, hand trucks, and dollies. Hand trucks and dollies can be especially useful if you have a lot of bulky furniture. Don’t forget to also grab some protective sheets for your floors and furniture with sharp edges. If you don’t want to invest in that, you can simply use old towels and linens.

4: Start packing

You are now ready to begin packing! The packing process usually takes up 2-3 days. It’s a good idea to have a few friends on speed dial, just in case you need some help. Don’t forget to make some food, and always have some fresh water on hand! Take frequent breaks, and don’t push yourself too hard.

Don’t want to handle everything on your own? Hire a packing crew! State to State Movers is a professional moving company that offers packing services for everyone. Our packing crew is equipped with all of the highest quality supplies necessary for a successful packing procedure. Schedule your relocation right away by giving us a quick call!