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How to Plan a Move to Another City – 5 Expert Tips

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Are you wondering how to plan a move to another city? This isn’t a very simple procedure, so you need to know how to handle many responsibilities properly to stay efficient. In the following article, we’ll cover all the steps to moving to a new city, so write them down and follow them carefully if you want to move like a pro.

#1 Choose a Place That Offers Everything You Need

First things first – you have to evaluate your reasons for relocating. Are you, for example, interstate moving for love and looking for a place to stay with your significant other, or do you search for a bigger place because your family is expanding? Do you want to move to a small town, because you believe this environment is more suitable for relocating with children?

You also want to evaluate other important factors – amenities, outdoor activities, cost of living, real estate and job market, safety, and anything else you find important for your well-being and happiness.

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Find a Perfect Neighborhood

Finding a perfect neighborhood is not an easy task. You’ll easily notice that not every neighborhood is the right fit for your lifestyle. Downtown areas are usually more suitable for younger people and singles, with many bars and restaurants, while relocating to the suburbs is something that attracts mostly families and retirees. These neighborhoods often offer extensive park systems, good schooling options, and more affordable housing. Depending on your interests and possibilities, you’ll have to make this decision.

Also, another important thing to consider is public transportation and commute time in the chosen town. Most people hate spending time stuck in traffic, wasting their precious time like this. If you want to avoid driving every day from your suburban neighborhood to your work, check public transportation before relocating there. This video might give you more ideas about things to look for in a neighborhood.

Do a Research on the Cost of Living and Job Market

One of the most important things to consider is your relocation budget. The more family members are relocating, the price of the move, in general, can be higher because you’ll probably have to move more stuff and find a bigger home. Another important decision you have to make is to decide whether you are going to buy or rent your home.

Buying an apartment is a significant financial investment, but renting an apartment is not always the most economical solution, especially if the prices are sky high and keep going up. If you are relocating for a job, you’ll know your future incomes, so you can calculate potential monthly expenses and compare them with your current salary to get a clear idea. You should also get informed about food prices and utilities in the particular areas you are interested in to get a broader picture.

Follow Some House-Hunting Tips

When looking for a house to buy or rent, you also need to pay attention to some important details. First of all, you have to ensure that nothing is broken before you move in, and if you notice that something is damaged or missing, you should inform your landlord immediately. You should also compare the prices with other options around the area. If something seems too cheap or too expensive, you should inspect it further before making any final deals.

You Can Find a Roommate if You’re Relocating Alone and Cut Down Expenses

In case that you are relocating alone and plan to move to a big city, where living costs might be higher than you can afford, you should consider finding a roommate. Once you share the rent and utilities, you’ll have more money to spend on other things you find important.

Consider Schooling System and Safety if You’re Relocating With Children

Even if you’re relocating with a newborn, you have to think about moving interstate a few steps in advance. For example, if you really like the area and plan to stay there for a few years, you have to think about your children’s education. A good schooling system is something that every responsible parent highly values when it comes to choosing the right place for their future home.

Person showing an empty pocket
How can I plan a move to another city? Determine your relocation budget and plan accordingly

#2 Organize Every Detail of Your Relocation

Now that you have considered all the important factors when it comes to choosing a perfect location for your home, it’s time to continue with other responsibilities. Firstly, you should write a moving checklist with all the actions you’ll have to take during the process to stay organized and move efficiently.

Good organization will help you avoid relocation stress and potential depression after relocating. After you’re done with organizing your move thoroughly, you’ll be much more relaxed when it comes time to actually deal with the listed tasks.

Consider Hiring Professionals

If you’re feeling anxious about relocating and you think the upcoming relocation process is putting too much pressure on you, you should definitely consider hiring professional state to state movers. In case you don’t know how to pack glasses and other fragile household inventory, they can offer you excellent packing services and give you useful relocation tips.

Start With Decluttering

It’s never easy to decide what to get rid of when relocating, but one thing is sure – you probably don’t have to relocate everything from your home. Also, the more things you decide to bring, the more you’ll have to pay for moving services, so if you are on a budget, you can consider downsizing for a move. You can always donate and recycle some old stuff you barely use, or you can organize a garage sale and sell some worthy stuff you don’t need or use.

Gather Packing Materials – Finding Some Free Supplies Is Also an Option

The next thing you have to do is to organize packing. This means you’ll have to gather some appropriate packing materials to protect your belongings from getting damaged during the relocation. Some of the basic materials you are going to need are:

  • Cardboard boxes,
  • Plastic wrap and tape,
  • Scissors,
  • Labels,
  • Bubble wrap and cushioning materials.

Another great relocation hack you can rely on is using stuff you already have at home. For example, towels and blankets are great for packing fragile objects, and they can be used as cushioning. Plastic bags are a good option for packing clothes, and suitcases are great containers for relocating shoes or books. You can also get some free relocation boxes at local liquor or bookstores.

Girl with packing supplies
Planning a move to a new city should begin with getting appropriate packing supplies

#3 Pack Your Inventory and Keep Fragile Objects Well Protected

Once you gather all the necessary equipment, it is vital that you follow all the packing procedures in order to keep your stuff well protected. One of the most important rules when it comes to packing is to label everything properly. This will also help you unpack after the move more quickly. You also have to consider weight distribution. Some heavy objects shouldn’t be placed on top of delicate ones, no matter what you’re packing.

Don’t Forget to Pack a Bag With Essentials

Another essential thing to consider is preparing a bag or a box with essentials. It should contain all the items you use daily. For example, these are usually:

  • Toiletries,
  • Clean towels and clothes,
  • Chargers,
  • Valuables and important documents,
  • Medicines.

If you have everything in one place once you get to your home, you’ll immediately have easy access to the stuff you need. This can save you much time because you won’t need to open every box in order to find some of the needed stuff.

Guy packing a vase before relocating with state to state movers
You have to be extra careful with fragile objects

#4 Organize Important Documents and Change Your Address in Advance

Another important step of a successful move is organizing important documents. You should get your medical prescriptions in advance, so you can get all the medicines without problems when you relocate. The same thing applies to arranging other important documents, for example, your driver’s license.

If your children are changing schools, you’ll probably need their birth certificates and some information about their previous schooling. You should also keep some important bank records, passports, old utility bills, and significant contracts close to you during the move.

Change Your Address in Advance

It is also essential to change your address at least a week before the move. You don’t want to get mail from previous residents and potentially pay for utilities for two places at once. This is actually very easy to do. You can do it online by filling out an online form or going to your local post. Both ways are simple and efficient, so choose whatever you prefer, just remember to do it on time.

looking for a specific document
Organizing important documents is another essential part of the process

#5 Make Sure You Avoid Common Moving Mistakes and Scams

One of the common moving mistakes is not hiring a reputable interstate moving company and becoming a victim of a relocation scam. You have to ensure the company you decide to hire has an official website, follows the contract and important rules, and offers you realistic quotes. Paying for professional services in advance can also be a sign of potential fraud. You should compare several estimates before making any final deals and check online reviews of different companies.

You should also stay informed about items movers won’t move and get rid of them before the relocation while following all the safety instructions. Remember to protect your floors and delicate surfaces before you start relocating heavy furniture, especially if you’re relocating in the rain. Try not to injure yourself by lifting bulky furniture by yourself and without knowing the proper lifting techniques. Hiring professional state to state movers is a more recommended option – they also have suitable equipment that will make this process much more simple.

Guy lifting an armchair alone instead of hiring professional state to state movers
Don't get injured by lifting heavy furniture on your own

Bonus Tip: Learn What to Expect Once You Relocate and How to Fit In

Many people experience mental health issues after relocation, such as adjustment insomnia, anxiety, and post-relocation depression, so it is good to know what you can expect. That’s why it is essential to put yourself out there and start exploring your new environment from day one. If you try to stay active and productive after relocation, you’ll lower your chances of developing some mental health issues.

Meet Your Neighbors and Make New Friends

Apart from practicing some physical activities that will keep you occupied and motivated, you should consider getting a job in a new state. At your work, you’ll probably meet some interesting people and maybe even make friends. You should also meet your neighbors. They can probably give you many helpful tips you could use after relocation.

Join Local Community Organizations in the City

Once you become a member of a new community, you can participate in many exciting events the community organizes, visit some local festivals, and meet interesting people. This is a good way to participate in some social events and avoid mental health issues caused by loneliness and sadness. You can also consider volunteering at some charity organizations – this is a good place to meet caring and kind people.

Couple driving electric scooters
Try to stay active by involving yourself in different activities and start to work

Now That You Know How to Plan a Move to Another City, Nothing Should Stop You From Fulfilling Your Dreams

Now that you know how to move to a new city without any troubles, nothing should stop you from fulfilling your dreams. You just have to make a smart choice when it comes to choosing a perfect location and finding your dream home – everything else about the relocation can be quickly settled with the help of professional state to state movers. Contact some of the best companies in your area and enjoy the process.

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