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Top Moving Interstate Tips for an Easier and Stress-Free Move

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Moving state-to-state can be daunting. The sheer thought of boxing up your entire life and saying goodbye to everything you know will break the best of us. However, with our moving interstate tips, you will have a stress-free relocation and learn how to prepare to move to another state before you can say cheese.

Interstate moving can be tricky if you don’t start planning and packing beforehand. Try to learn everything you can about your new location and find a job before you leave, or think about hiring professionals to take care of it all. Don’t forget to sort your important document and ready the box with essentials for the first couple of days of your journey.

How to Plan a Move to Another State? Our Moving Interstate Tips Will Guide You

Did you ever ask yourself, “Is it hard moving to another state?” If the answer is yes, you should know that relocation across states isn’t as simple as you thought. There are a lot of things you need to think about before you move, no matter if you are going alone or relocating your whole family to another state.

If you are wondering, “How do I relocate smoothly?” or “How do I prepare to move to another state?” worry not, as that is why we created this detailed overview in the hope we will assist you in successfully relocating without losing your mind. For starters, there is so much you have to do prior to your relocation, such as:

Start Planning on Time

Did you know that the greatest relocation hack is to start planning and organizing your move on time? Yes, if you start making checklists, relocating binders, gathering supplies, downsizing for a move, preparing essentials for the trip, and organizing important documents on time, you will be a master of your domain. Not only will you have better control of your budget, but you will be much calmer and worry-free.

Make Moving Checklists to Keep Everything on Track

We are sure that every relocation guide online will urge you to make a to-do list, even if you are facing last-minute relocation, and we have to agree with them. This is the most efficient moving tip for staying organized, so make a list for every stage of the journey. That way, you will be able to keep track of all the tasks and expenses without having to worry about missing something.

Girl with a binder
Checklists and moving binders will keep you sane

Learn Everything You Can About the Place Where You Will Be Living

Try to think about your dream home and surroundings before you set off in pursuit of your location. Think about the smallest of details. Maybe you’ve always wanted to live in a colder climate or buy an idle home in one of the best beach towns. Once you have a clear picture of what you want, start researching.

Try to learn as much as possible about your city, look for schools, check the proximity of hospitals, and statistics on criminal activity. Inform yourself of the safest neighborhoods, demographics, and the best restaurants. Search for great house-hunting tips and look through sites like Zillow for information on real estate. As you see, there is so much that needs to be done before you just drop your anchor and call it quits.

A row of houses
Do some research on your dream location before relocating

Budget, Expenses, and Change of Lifestyle Are Things to Consider When Moving to Another State

It is very important to plan out your expenses and set your relocation budget, as the costs could add up faster than you can follow. Keep in mind that in case you are relocating for a job, you should try asking your employer some questions. Find out if they will cover some of the relocation expenses so you can act accordingly. Be sure to include the costs for packing supplies, hiring movers, and all the fees you need to pay before you leave.

The second thing you should be very conscious of is the difference in living expenses. If you are going to be making the same amount of money, don’t expect that you will be able to afford everything you can in your current situation, especially if you are relocating from a small town to a bigger city.

If you are relocating to a big city, expect house values, rents, groceries pricier, and bills to be higher. Auto transport service is a good solution if you’re thinking about shipping your car in case the new location lacks decent public transit and you must commute to work. As a result, if your income does not change, not only will your quality of life alter, but so will your lifestyle.

Look for a Job Before You Set Sails in the Right Direction

Having a job will certainly take some of your anxiety away. You will be more relaxed if you know what awaits you on the horizon. The job will help with the adaptation process and allow you to build friendships with your colleagues. Having a steady income will boost your confidence, and you won’t be worrying about monthly bills and expenses.

Think About Hiring Reliable State-To-State Movers

When you’re choosing a moving company, it is important to hire reputable movers. Remember to thoroughly research and never go for the companies that pop up first because they might just end up being a victim of relocation scams. As you will be spending your hard-earned money on moving services, you have all the right to go to extra lengths when checking if the company is legitimate.

Always ask for at least three quotes, read online reviews, and check their license in the FMCSA registry and BBB ratings. Evaluate pricing and experiences. Make sure to ask your freshly relocated relatives and close friends for company suggestions and recommendations.

When you settle with the right professionals for your needs, be sure to get everything in writing and ask if the quote they provided is final and that there are no hidden fees. Finally, be ready for their arrival on the big day. Be there to check that your belongings are handled well. Be transparent about any unique requirements you have for boxing fragile items or handling objects that demand extra care.

State-to-state movers carrying a box
Hiring a professional mover makes everything much easier and less stressful

Check What Services Long-Distance Moving Companies Can Provide

You must determine what services you require based on the magnitude of your migration. For example, State2State Movers can offer you disassembling and reassembling furniture, loading your belongings into a moving truck, transportation to the new location, and unloading goods.

Get informed on partial and full packing services, as they will save you a lot of time. Also, if you’re not sure that all of the belongings will fit in your new place, we offer you a storage service that is complementary for a month. In any case, do your research, and don’t be afraid to ask questions.

Moving Services

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Packing Services

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Storage Service

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Declutter First and Organize Your Packing to the Tee

The decluttering process can be long and full of hassle, but it could help you save money and time in the long run. The best way to start with downsizing is to decide what you will keep, what you plan to give to charity, what you will sell, and what you will get rid of. Selling stuff online or organizing a garage sale can help you earn some much-needed cash. You will also save up by giving to charity and getting rid of stuff, as there won’t be so many boxes to pack and relocate.

Now is a perfect moment to start packing when you finally sorted out and gone through your stuff. The first thing to do is put aside a box with essentials so it doesn’t mix with the rest of the packages or get loaded on the truck. Try to get higher-quality packing materials, as that will prevent harm to your belongings. We made a list so you can pack like a pro we know you are.

Gather Necessary Packing Supplies

For a successful boxing-up session, one needs packing supplies. Try to get boxes of various sizes, plastic and bubble wrap, tape, cushioning materials like packing paper and peanuts, markers, labels, and scissors. You can find all of this stuff in hardware or office supply stores.

Use Clean Packing Paper Instead of Newspaper

The ink of newspapers can easily stain your stuff, and it doesn’t provide some security to your belongings. Note that clean paper is a much better solution for wrapping your goods. You can also use it for cushioning and further securing easily breakable stuff.

Pack and Secure Your Boxes

The best-size boxes are the ones that are sturdy enough for transferring your items. Movers use different types of boxes for special purposes. Always secure the bottom of your box with tape and ensure that your tops are flat before you tape them. Heavier stuff should be put in small to medium boxes, while bigger ones should be used for transferring lighter objects. Stack your boxes from heavy to light so you can distribute the weight in the back of a truck.

Label Your Boxes Properly

When you finish sorting through your boxes, take some time to note what is inside by using relocation labels before you seal them. Address each box with the room, and color coordinate it with labels by assigning each room its color. This way, you won’t lose yourself when unpacking and looking for things.

Don’t Forget to Transfer Your Utilities and Change Your Address

Once you are settled with the right home, you can start transferring utilities there. Visit a nearby Post Office or fill out a USPS form online about changing your address and make sure that you note the date of your move so your bills and utilities are mailed to your new home.

Update Your Documentation and Car Registration

After you have changed your address, you should be thinking about updating your documentation, such as your ID, passport, driver’s license, personal licenses, and health insurance. When it comes to registering your car, know that you will have to plan a trip to the DMV office, as there is no online registration. Check with them what the deadline for registration is.

A man using a laptop after moving interstate
Remember to update your address with all important service providers

Prepare a Box With Essential Items

This container should have everything you will need to bridge the time between your arrival at your home and the arrival of your belongings. You should finish this box just before you are ready to leave, as you will be using some of the things up to the last moment.

Be sure to pack your personal documentation, toiletries, chargers, medication, a few sets of clothes towels, portable electronics, a few pairs of shoes, and fresh bedding. This way, you will have a few changes of clothes, hygiene items, and means to contact your loved ones and friends while you wait for the rest of your things to reach you.

A moving-day box with essentials ready for long-distance moving
Having a box of essentials can be really beneficial

Follow Our Tips on Moving to Another State, and Your Journey Will Be a Breeze

Even if relocating is one of the most stressful things, we must acknowledge that it can also be incredibly exciting because it represents the start of something new. State2State Movers is here to help you focus on the brighter side of this process. Let us do all the heavy lifting for you so you can get ready for the new life that awaits you. Contact us today and be on your merry way.

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