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What Is the Best Time of the Year to Move Cross Country?

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Julie Grace

Originally from The Golden City, Julie has explored the ins and outs of moving and has written all the tips down.

Finally, you’ve decided to take a leap and start a completely new chapter of your life in another place. This, of course, means you’ll need to relocate and ensure the entire process is as effortless as possible. Start with picking the best time of the year to move. This decision could have a significant impact on the overall experience of the interstate relocation. 

The best time of year to move cross-country is spring and fall because of the weather conditions and the fact you’ll avoid the peak season (from April to September). However, these seasons are also the busiest, which can affect the speed, cost, and quality of the relocation. Folks who are moving with kids should check when will be the most suitable period for the big change for the little ones, as well. When it comes to picking the right period of the month and day of the week, mid-month and workdays are typically better.

What Seasons Are a Good Choice for Moving Interstate

Lightly preparing for the move is never a good option, even when you are not relocating for the first time. Although hiring a trustworthy long-distance moving company is always convenient, having everything planned thoroughly is still the key to a successful relocation. This includes knowing that the beginning of spring and fall is one of the greatest seasons for the interstate move. According to the NOAA National Climatic Data Center, the average spring temperature was 52.2°F which is a pretty pleasant weather condition to move.

The peak season is in the summer, and around 80% of moves occur from April to September. Yes, professional companies should be able to handle all aspects of the move, whether it’s packing service or auto transport, but ask yourself one thing: are you ready to move under any circumstances? The stress you’ll face during certain seasons can be just too overwhelming, even though you have a complete to-do list of all tasks needed.

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What Is the Cheapest Time of the Year to Move?

There are many reasons why summer could be the most convenient option for your move. However, when making a relocation budget, you must know the cost of an interstate move. The overall expenses of the entire relocation could be higher than $4,000. Of course, this depends on several factors, such as the services needed and mileage, but also the season.

When is the most affordable period to move, then? You’ll save the most money if you relocate from late September to April. This timeframe avoids both the summertime, which is the busiest relocation season and the fall, up until early September, when services are in great demand.

If you want to do as much as possible to lower the relocation expenses, luckily, there are ways. When preparing your belongings for the move, make sure you get rid of all unnecessary stuff. This will significantly lower the relocation costs. Why not take the entire process to a whole new level – organize a garage sale and earn an extra buck. Watch the video below and check how to do it like a pro.

Explore All the Benefits of Relocating During a Non-Popular Season

Since summer and spring are the most popular periods for the move, you can imagine that the non-popular ones are winter and fall. But is it even possible to move in winter? Yes, it is, but it requires proper organization and experienced movers.

So, now that you know it’s possible to relocate during the winter, let’s explore some of the benefits and reasons to move during this period. Firstly, it will positively affect your budget. Since it’s off-season and movers aren’t in demand, the price of relocation services will be more affordable. Also, you’ll find the right relocation company that can meet all of your wants and needs much more easily. However, keep in mind that moving during summertime surely will be an easier and stress-free option.

When to Relocate With School-Aged Kids

Most people agree that relocating with kids is perfect during sunny seasons when they are off school and available to help. You won’t have to deal with picking them up from school or helping them with schoolwork because of all the excitement going on. Moving over the sunny days allows children to settle in before starting at their different school and provides them enough space to explore their new area and home.

So, when finding one of the greatest cities in the US for families, keep in mind that some people think that relocating during school is ideal. The idea is that teachers focus more on your kids than they did at the start of school. Also, compared to relocating in the summer, your kids may find it easier to make new friends. Of all, every child is unique, and you alone can know what is right for your own.

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Keep in Mind the Weather Forecasting When Booking the Professional State-to-State Movers

The weather may be a major factor in determining when you should relocate, depending on where you currently live and where your new home is. However, the weather is often unpredictable, and you shouldn’t count on the long-term forecast.

Since summer and winter can both be extremely harsh in various areas of the country, spring and fall are often the most suitable times to relocate. With a bit of effort, you can move like a pro. Just ensure to learn all the moving hacks for different weather conditions.


Although it can be pretty reasonable that sunny days are the greatest for the relocation, keep in mind that sometimes it can be harsh. Don’t forget to put sun protection and refreshments on the list when making a checklist for relocating to another state. After all, you need to prepare adequately for the movers as well.


Many worry about the snow when preparing for a move. However, although there are both pros and cons to relocating during winter, these relocations don’t have to be as hard as they seem. Just ensure you have the professional relocation company by your side to assist you. 


Avoiding relocating during a rainstorm is always the right decision. However, if it’s light rain, professionals will know exactly what to do. One thing you can do is get all the right packing materials and prevent your belongings from getting wet.

Which Month Is the Best Time to Move?

OK, you know what’s the most convenient period for your relocation, but that period has several months, right? How to pick the perfect month when relocating to another state? Firstly learn what is the most popular month to move. That way, you can eliminate them immediately as they will surely be the busiest.

November and December are the ideal months for relocating. Since most folks don’t want to relocate over the holidays or when kids are in school, this is the ideal period to move businesses. So, if you’re looking for the cheapest way to move out of state, avoid doing it on hot sunny days.

Consider How Holidays Can Affect Interstate Moving – Explore All the Benefits and Drawbacks

Holidays relocations have both pros and cons. The important thing to remember is that everyone will feel about certain holiday moves differently. But some things are certain when hiring a relocation company during the festive periods – services will be more affordable since the professionals are in less demand.

On the other hand, if you want to make the right decision, you should be aware of some drawbacks as well. Here are some of the cons you need to consider:

  • Heavier traffic,
  • Many companies are on a holiday break,
  • Spending the holiday doing chores,
  • Meeting neighbors during holidays can be tough.

Choose the Most Convenient Weeks of the Month for Long-Distance Moving

Organizing the relocation process means many things, but choosing the perfect days of the week when you actually move is surely among the most important. So, what time of the month is it cheapest to move? After choosing the best month to move, plan your relocation around the middle of the month. That way, you’ll take advantage of the great deals when choosing one of the numerous relocation companies.

Most leases expire at the beginning of a month, so there’s a higher demand for professional assistance during that period. Considering these are the busiest times for relocation crews, you won’t have a very higher selection. That’s why picking the middle of the month instead of the beginning or end will allow you to move efficiently to your next home while also making sure you avoid unnecessary relocation stress.

Mid-Week Is the Most Convenient If You Can Take Some Off Days at Work

The same rule of thumb can be applied when it comes to picking the right day of the week for your big move. Weekends, of course, are the most convenient but also the most wanted. But, if you can take some free days from work during the week, don’t hesitate to book reliable state-to-state movers from Monday to Thursday. On the other hand, choosing to move on Saturday or Sunday will only increase the expenses since folks are usually free and because of the limited number of weekends during the month.

Professional Relocation Companies Will Suggest Early Mornings to Start the Move

The big day preparations start way before the actual arrival of the relocation crew. However, the real help comes when the relocation team, efficient packers, actually come to your home on the arranged day. But when will they actually show up? Most professionals will suggest early morning, between 8 a.m. and 10 a.m. This early window can be quite beneficial if you decide to move in the summertime because it’s cooler, and the relocation crew can beat the heat.

State to state movers loading the truck
Reputable movers will come early in the morning

Learn What Is the Best Time of the Year to Move and Have an Effortless Experience

Moving from state to state requires a lot of effort and energy. There are many elements to consider that can affect relocating to a different home. One of them definitely is the right relocation date. So, start planning the move by answering the question: What time of the year is the best time to move? Picking one of the most suitable periods will ease the whole process, and as a result, you’ll have a better relocation experience.

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