Blog November 27, 2020

Best Cities in America to Raise a Family

What are the best cities in America to raise a family? There are certain criteria places have to meet in order to be considered truly kids-friendly. If you’re planning on having children soon, you should think about where you would like to live and raise them. To help you decide, we’ve put together a short top list of some of the most child-friendly cities in the country.

Livability and Other Main Factors for the Best Cities in America to Raise a Family

Before we move on to our selection, we’d like to present a short overview of the criteria we took into consideration when deciding which places deserve a spot on our list.

General Statistics

In general, all cities in the United States are ranked according to certain statistical data. This includes, for example, things such as the average cost of living, median income, housing prices, number of home-owners as opposed to renters, crime rate, and so on. These numbers tell us a lot about what it is like to live in a certain community. However, they don’t tell us much about how kids-friendly a place is.


Some cities can boast great statistics and still not be among the best places for families. That is why some other criteria need to be taken into consideration. Things you’d want to look into are the number and quality of schools in the area, the overall walkability, parks and recreation centers for kids, and so on.

Bonus Points for Anything Else You Want and Like

Of course, if there are any special requirements you have, don’t hesitate to take those into consideration, too. For example, if you have a dog, you will want to move to a city that is not only child-friendly but also pet-friendly. If you prefer year-round warm weather, you’ll most likely look for the best places to live near a beach. If you enjoy going out, a vivid nightlife is something you should take into consideration.

Now that you know what factors we took into consideration when making this list of places, it is time to find out what our top picks are.

Oak Park, Illinois

Just outside of the West Side of Chicago, Oak Park is a village with a current population of a little over 50,000 residents. Even though it covers a small area of land, it boasts an excellent commute system and is also considered to be very bicycle-friendly.

The village hosts numerous festivals and events tailored to people of all ages and whole families. There is a number of primary and middle schools here, as well as two high schools. The education system here is known for its high academic standards and efforts to eliminate discrimination against minorities. The crime rate in Oak Park is very low, which makes it one of the safest places to live and raise children.

The cost of living in Oak Park is higher than the national average, with the median home price at around $350,000.

Oak Park is very bicycle-friendly

Bloomington, Indiana

The city of Bloomington is probably best known as the address of Indiana University Bloomington. Like any college town, this makes it a great choice for families. This is also where Ivy Tech Community College is located. There are also numerous elementary, middle, and high schools in the city.

In short, if you decide that Bloomington is at the top of the list of places for you, your kids will have access to excellent quality education. The city also offers countless outdoor activities for families and is a gold-rated bicycle-friendly community. It will truly allow you to live an active and healthy lifestyle. On top of that, this is a relatively affordable place to live in, given all the amenities it offers.

Living in Bloomington will cost you less than in an average American community. The median home value in the area is less than $200,000.

Ann Arbor, Michigan

It should come as no surprise that Ann Arbor is on our list. This tight-knit college community is a great solution if you want to move somewhere close to Detroit, which is only 40 miles away. Home to the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor boasts around 160 parks. In other words, you will never run short of ideas for what to do on a warm weekend afternoon with your kids. The current population of Ann Arbor is around 120,000, with a significantly high percentage of university-educated residents. Unfortunately, all of this comes at a price.

There are around 160 parks in Ann Arbor

Even though it is located in the famously cheap state of Michigan, a house or an apartment in Ann Arbor will cost you almost twice as much as in an average American community. Aside from housing, however, everything else is priced around the national average.

Moscow, Idaho

At the top of our list of communities for families is the city of Moscow, located on the western border of Idaho. This place is home to less than 30,000 residents, so it’s no surprise that it easily maintains a sense of community. This is where the University of Idaho is located, as well as a number of elementary, middle, and high schools. There are seventeen parks in the area, along with a picturesque Latah Trail Bike Path. In short, Moscow offers good educational opportunities, numerous activities for the whole family, and the best part – it is an affordable place with a high quality of life.

The cost of living in Moscow is the same as the national average, with the median home value just a little higher.

If you feel like some of the places on our list could make a perfect new home for you and your loved ones, don’t wait too long to make the decision and move efficiently. Calling your movers and scheduling excellent moving services is a crucial step toward starting a new life in some of the best American cities for raising a family.