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The Differences Between Moving in the Summer and Moving in Winter

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It’s time to decide whether moving in the summer or winter would be the best option for you. There are benefits and challenges of relocating both in winter and summertime, but your choice should be based on your requirements and preferences. Is your priority to buy a property for a good price? Perhaps you want to move for a lower cost. We’ll help you decide what season is best for moving.

Many people ask – what month is the best to move in? The answer depends on your priorities. Summertime can be ideal for individuals who want to sell their homes fast. However, those wishing to hire state-to-state movers at a lower price should consider the winter months. Find out the main differences between a winter and summer move in this article, as well as relocation tips for organizing a successful and stress-free move.

Relocation Costs – What Prices Can You Expect When Moving in the Summer or Winter?

A major factor when choosing the date and season of the relocation is the cost. It might be surprising to some, but relocation prices vary throughout the year. Most people tend to opt for summertime when organizing their move since the children are out of school during this period. Due to the higher relocation rate, companies increase their prices.

However, during the winter months, the prices drop since the demand slows down. In case you are looking for the cheapest way to move out of state, choose to relocate during the off-peak season when companies are striving to win over their customers. Sometimes they even reduce their prices by as much as 30%.

Two state-to-state movers carrying shelf
Is it more expensive to move in the summer? Yes, it's the peak season

Consider Paying a Higher Price if You Are Moving With Kids

Even though the companies raise their prices, consider relocating during summertime for the sake of your children. They will be changing schools and everything they have been familiar with. It will be much easier to adjust to another environment and make friends in a new city if they don’t have to continue their education in the middle of the school year. Therefore, if you are relocating with kids and don’t want them to experience any anxiety about relocating, consider scheduling the move during summertime even though the prices are higher.

Along With Lower Prices, Schedule a Move Faster During Winter Months

The winter months are less busy for the companies than the rest of the year, which is why one can get a great deal. Apart from paying less, booking the move is easier. Interstate moving companies give customers the freedom to schedule the move according to their needs and requirements.

Perhaps it’s a last-minute move, or you have to relocate because of a job, so time and money are essential factors when deciding the date. A useful tip is to choose a mid-month or midweek time frame during the winter months. It will be less costly, and you’d have an opportunity to organize the relocation according to your preferences.

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Heat and Snowstorms – How Can Weather Conditions Impact a Relocation During Winter and Summertime?

It seems like summertime is the better option when taking into account the weather conditions. One doesn’t have to stress about icy roads or very low temperatures. Even though sunny weather seems like the ideal period to start organizing packing and, later, loading the truck, there is a chance that you’ll be relocating on an unbearably scorching hot day. Your interstate movers will be at risk of experiencing exhaustion or even heat strokes. So, individuals who opt to schedule their move during summertime should start their relocation early in the morning and try to escape midday.

On the other hand, during winter, one can expect to relocate in snowy and freezing cold weather. It will be more dangerous to drive, and long-distance movers will have to be extremely careful when carrying boxes full of breakable items. There is a risk of injury and damaging belongings when relocating furniture on icy ground. In case you don’t want to risk the safety of your items, postpone the move to spring.

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Those Living in Nation’s Hottest States Should Move in Winter

In some parts of the US, summers are extremely hot. For instance, in Texas and in Florida, temperatures usually reach 100 degrees Fahrenheit. During unbearably hot days, it is too dangerous to carry out a move. The hottest states are Louisiana, Hawaii, Georgia, Florida, and Texas. The same applies to California, where forest fires occur during summertime. However, these states experience mild winters. The temperatures range from 50 to 68 degrees Fahrenheit. People living in the hottest states in the US should schedule the move in winter since the weather is more agreeable.

A girl surrounded by boxes
Is the summer the best time to move? Not if you live in the hottest states in the US

Summertime Is a Better Option for People Living in Coldest Parts of the US

In states like Wisconsin, New York, Colorado, Minnesota, and Maine, where there is a higher amount of snowfall throughout the year, relocating in winter is more challenging. These states get hit by heavy rains and snowstorms. The roads tend to be icy for a longer period of time. Freezing temperatures and terrible weather conditions can slow down the entire move, so if you want to move efficiently, opt for summertime since these states don’t have harsh summers.

You’ll Sell Your Home Faster in June, July, and August

So, why do more people move in the summer? The summertime is a seller’s market, and prices increase. People who plan to sell their house or an apartment will have more success with finding a buyer since it is the peak season. Everyone is relocating and looking for houses and apartments to purchase. It is certain that there will be many showings and motivated buyers. One might manage to sell a house without an agent since the demand is very high. We recommend taking advantage of the natural light, styling the front and backyard, and getting rid of unnecessary things before putting the house up for sale.

On the Other Hand, the Best Time to Buy a New Home Is Winter

Home sales slow down during the winter months. The sellers will be more open to lowering the purchase price. Lower average closing costs will allow you to spend more on long-distance moving services, renovations, furniture, and unexpected expenses. In addition, it is unlikely that you will have to compete with other individuals to buy the same property. That means that the client can close sooner than anticipated. Therefore, those looking for better deals on homes they would like to purchase should consider relocating in winter.

House with two garages and car in front
It is less expensive to purchase a home in winter than in the summertime

What Is the Difference Between Packing in Winter and Summer?

In places where winters are more severe with more snow and rain, one has to purchase good packing supplies. It’s essential to have extra packing paper, bubble wrap, and tape. We recommend searching for supplies on the Craigslist website, where you can get various packing materials at a lower cost. Place extra cushioning material in boxes in case anything gets dropped in the snow or on wet ground. Another crucial tip is to try and protect the cardboard boxes from rain as much as possible. If electric appliances or books get wet, salvaging and restoring them to a previous condition will be difficult.

Boxing up during summertime will be a bit easier. It’s important to wear light and breathable clothing. Don’t expose yourself to direct sunlight. After sealing your cardboard boxes, don’t leave them outside in the sun. Electronic devices like appliances, TVs, and smartphones can easily get overheated. We recommend packing electronics separately and keeping them in a cool place away from the sunlight until you have to place them on the truck.

Watch this video for additional packing tips and relocation hacks.

Tips For Moving in the Summer Heat

How do you move in summer? If you decide that you want to relocate during the summertime, you should know some tips for a safe relocation. Moving in the summer heat can be difficult to handle, so here is what to do so that everything goes effortlessly.

  • Prepare a lot of water bottles – There is no doubt that you and your crew will be thirsty while carrying boxes and loading the truck. Keep water bottles at the old and new homes so that loading and unloading can go smoothly.
  • Move early and escape the heat – The earlier you start with the relocation, the faster you will get everything done. That means that you will beat the heat and traffic, so it will take less when moving state-to-state.
  • Avoid relocating during the holiday weekend – It will be hard to schedule a move during the holiday weekend, such as the Fourth of July, Labor Day, and Memorial Day. There will be an overwhelming number of traffic jams, and the roads will probably be at a standstill. The best thing to do would be to book the move as soon as possible and avoid the holiday weekend.
  • Have friends babysit your children – It might be challenging to carry boxes, pack the last items and take care of your children simultaneously. They might become bored or go outside without a hat or sunscreen and get sunburnt. Have your friends babysit them on relocation day, so you don’t have to worry.

Tips For Relocating in Winter

Those who want their cost of interstate moving to be lower and who desire to buy a house or an apartment with more ease usually choose to relocate in winter. But, for a successful move, one should follow tips on how to best transport belongings in snow and freezing temperatures. Here is our advice to keep in mind:

  • Ensure that your floors are covered – It will be hard to keep your house clean when the crew keeps coming in and out carrying boxes and trudging on the slushy ground. It is important to keep your carpet and hardwood covered. Use cloths or floor mats to protect the floors and the carpet.
  • Clear the driveway and sidewalks – Determine where the relocation truck will be parked and what path the workers will take while handling your stuff. An icy sidewalk and driveway are not safe for carrying large dressers and couches. So, make sure to salt and shovel snow outside the house and the spot where the relocation truck will be parked.
  • Don’t forget gloves – In winter conditions, gloves are crucial. Have an extra pair in your house since they can easily get soaked. It’s important to have a couple of extra pairs that you can offer your movers too if their gloves get wet. Simply grab them in the dollar store, and you won’t have to worry about it.


Is It Good to Move in the Summer?

For individuals who want to sell their homes at a higher price and who don’t want to interrupt their children’s education, summertime is ideal for relocation. However, people who live in the hottest states would have an issue with weather conditions. Therefore, relocating in the summertime is good in some aspects, but there are also disadvantages.

What Is the Cheapest Month to Move and Book Reputable Movers?

Those looking to save on costs for the relocation should book a move from late September to April. The lowest prices are during the winter holidays because companies have fewer clients. Not only will the prices be lower, but reputable relocation companies can be flexible with their bookings. This means they will be more open to meeting your schedule needs.

How Do You Move in the Summer? Should I Follow Any Tips?

Executing a move in the summertime can be accomplished by carefully planning and following essential tips and tricks. Wearing light clothing, putting on sunscreen, and keeping all of your cardboard boxes in a cool place before loading everything onto the truck are key steps. The process can be less stressful if you opt to invest in professional packing services. Your relocation crew will do anything for you in a flash.

How Should You Take Care of Your Movers?

Carrying heavy boxes on hot or freezing cold days is tough. Professional movers have been doing it for a while, but they should still be shown appreciation for their devotion and hard work. The best way you can do that is by tipping the crew. The average tip for each mover is 4 to 5 dollars for every hour they spend working. In addition, have some soaps, towels, and beverages at your home for them, too.

It Is Time to Book Professional Movers – Are You Ready?

Asking yourself – is summer the best time to move, or should I postpone it until winter – is the first step to executing a move properly. Think about your priorities and requirements before deciding on the date. Weather conditions and costs of relocation services are huge factors when making a decision, so evaluate what works best for you. Make a plan and contact a reliable company as soon as possible. We wish you luck.

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