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Should I Move Back Home – Pros and Cons

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Many factors can influence you to ask yourself should I move back home. Whether your parents are old and need additional care, or you’ve passed through a divorce and seek emotional support. Whether you’re affected by the consequences of the global pandemics and lost the job or simply want to come back to your hometown since you have an excellent opportunity to start a new life there, making this decision is not an easy task.

If you are in doubt whether this is the right decision for you, then check out our ultimate list of pros and cons of getting back to your hometown and how it could affect your life.

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Should I Move Back Home with My Parents?

The decision to move in back to your parents’ house and live with your family again is difficult to make. Especially after you’ve experienced all the benefits of living alone and exclusively by your own rules.

Remember that excitement of starting a new life chapter in your college and the anxiety of relocation from a small town to a big city at the same time? Remember how you resolved the question of what is the best age to move out of home and start your new life adventure? Remember starting a new job, meeting new people, earning your own money, and living on your own for the very first time? And after all you’ve been through, and you’ve felt like you finally made it, now you are asking yourself “should I move back to my hometown?

Don’t You Worry Cause – You’re Not Alone

No matter how difficult it is to decide to go back to your teenage room, keep in mind that you are definitely not a lonely case. With the spread of global pandemics, returning to a family house became a reality for young adults. According to Pew Research Centre, more than half of people, ranging in age from 18-29, live with their parents again.

Although it’s true that this decision may change your life and the life of your parents, until you find a better solution, this could be just a perfect fit for both sides. Now, when you are more mature, the relationship you have with your family could be even better. So, let’s see the best ways to survive your family successfully.

Father and his son
First benefit of returning to your household? Enhanced relationship with your relatives!

How Do I Cope With Moving Back Home? There are Many Advantages to It

First of all, try to observe the situation from a positive perspective. There are multiple reasons why this decision could actually be a good one. If you set the boundaries and rules in the right way (dismissing the rule of going to bed before midnight, for example,) living with your family members could be a very pleasant experience.

Let’s see what the main pros of living in your hometown again are.

Saving Money

Moving back home to save money is one of the decisive reasons to move since it might succor you avoid paying the rent and allow you to direct earnings into savings or paying off the student loan. And it is also one of the best supports you can lean on when you are still looking for a job.

However, before deciding to live with your mom and dad again, discuss the finances with them and see how you can contribute to settling the bills.

Creating Stronger Bonds With Parents

Coming back to your mom and dad’s house is like coming back to your tribe. They will give you all the support you seek, boost your confidence, and ease your adaptation period to new conditions. And, for sure, there is no better cure than a household full of support, love, and encouragement that will enable you to create stronger bonds with your folks. Besides, don’t forget all the benefits of relocating to the suburbs, living in the fresh air, having your own garden, and much more.

Reconnecting With Old Friends and Acquaintances

A return to your hometown implies a great opportunity to reconnect with your old friends and renew those friendships, which is another benefit of relocating to your hometown. Furthermore, if you are eager to start work, or looking for a job, this is also a great chance to acquire business contacts you need, get a recommendation from your friend, and get a job in a new city.

Also, getting involved in the community and taking advantage of volunteering will increase your networking opportunities and provide you with faster adaptability to your new-old environment.

Three girls laughing
Try to reconnect with old friends and have fun like back in high school

What About Disadvantages of Moving Back With Your Folks

Now we’ve seen the main advantages of getting to live in your hometown againit’s the right moment to see the major cons and challenges of returning to your old household.

Your Mom and Dad May Think You Are Still Their Baby

Prepare that you will deal with strong emotions on multiple levels. Your mom and dad will subconsciously try to return you to your childhood in many ways. From trying to spoil you, not demanding that you take part in any household chores, or preparing your favorite dishes, to criticizing your behavior and habits that could be very burdensome.

Not Respecting the Agreed Boundaries

Forgetting that their baby is an adult person can lead to many disagreements, so setting the boundaries is a must before relocating to the parent’s household.

However, in many cases, those boundaries just remain on the paper. Many parents strive to control their children and their personal lives, so a healthy relationship doesn’t succeed. In case your parents aren’t respecting the boundaries you have already agreed, try to remind them politely and again highlight how important your privacy is to you.

Spending All Your Time at the House

Staying at home and not organizing your free time might impact your adjusting to a new environment very negatively. You will definitely need some time to adapt to your changed lifestyle, but instead of staying at home and watching Netflix, try to organize your day actively. For example, if you went to a gym, try to find a nearby one and continue to exercise. If you were singing in a choir, explore what is happening in your community and how you can join them.

How Returning to Mom and Dad Can Influence Your Career and Life Overall

Want to know more about the positive and negative experiences of getting back to live with your folks? Check up this video below and find out how others accepted this change.

The Major Mistake to Avoid When Relocating To Your Parents’ House

One of the major mistakes when relocating to your mom and dad’s house is not setting the date of relocation. Although this can not be entirely in your control, setting the date could be a tremendous orienting point for organizing your job search and finding your own place. For example, a six-month deadline for finishing some additional course that could help you find a job or not paying any expenses for this period could be inspiring and protect you from apathy.

Instead of indulging in the loving care of your beloved people, remember that you are not on vacation. Everybody needs a break, but in this case, it would be better if you limit it and stick to your action plan.

How Do You Know When It’s Time to Move Away?

Once you feel secure and ready to continue living on your own, financially and mentally, it’s the right moment to rent a place and start organizing your life. Whether it would be in your hometown or some other state, try to be realistic and choose wisely.

Woman sealing boxes for moving
The right moment to relocate to your own space is that moment you feel ready for it

How to Ease the Moving Process and Make the Relocation to Your Hometown Less Stressful

When it comes to a final decision of relocating to your hometown, you should consider making the whole process as simple as possible. Consider the best ways of how to organize packing to move, and do everything like you planned. Explore the best packing materials and purchase them at some local store. There is no space for anxiety because, with such a plan, you will have everything under control.

It would also be helpful to make a checklist of what do you need to rent an apartment,

Although, at first sight, relocation to your hometown may seem like an end of the world, a chaotic and never-ending process, with proper preparations and organization, everything could pass much easier. So, let’s see what you can do in order to attain stress-free relocating.

Prepare Mentally and Emotionally

Mental and emotional preparation for relocation to your hometown is of tremendous importance for accepting that you will have to change your lifestyle and habits. One of the things that can definitely help you to easier prepare for a long-distance move when you’re about to leave is saying bye to friends you were hanging out with at the town, or met at work. Although it might be hard, it is very important to do it since it will mark a coming change.

People who decide to relocate back to their hometown often forget that not all the things will work how they imagined and how they expect them to be. Maybe you will miss some of the familiar faces you expected to meet there, or some of the places from your childhood memories will not be there anymore. Whatever happens, try to accept it rather than indulge in nostalgia and sadness and stay open to new friendships, memories, and experiences.

Organize the Relocation Process in-Detail

Once you announce your relocation to your mom and dad’s household, it is the right moment to start organizing the packing of your belongings so that you won’t forget anything. It could also be helpful if you decide what to get rid of when relocating cause this will shorten the packaging process significantly. And of course, explore where to get free relocation boxes, because it also could decrease the relocation costs.

It would be very helpful if you make the checklist of relocating essentials so that you could always be up to date on your relocation process. However, if you don’t feel comfortable and ready to do your packing, consider hiring professional state-to-state movers that will lead you through the entire relocation process, and provide you with their perfectly organized packing services.

Pick the Right Interstate Moving Company

If you are relocating from one state to another, you should ask for logistics support from a reliable and trustworthy moving interstate company. Whether you will choose to move your belongings via an airline or truck, make sure to choose the interstate moving company that is providing loading and unloading services. Also, before you confirm anything, don’t forget to ask about items movers won’t move, so you can give those away to your family and friends or even organize a garage sale and be ready for the move.

Also, if there are any indications that you could come back to your place soon, then it would be best to consider hiring a company that offers storage services. This way all of your belongings will be secured and make your moving state-to-state experience less complicated. Storing your belongings can positively affect your costs, saving you from paying double for relocation.

Additional services that could possibly ease your life when relocating to another state are auto transport services, which could save you from endless driving and rising costs. The professional movers can also give you very useful tips on how to properly prepare a car for shipping, so don’t hesitate to ask them if you have any concerns.

Mover picking up a box
When relocating interstate, a professional company can make this experience much easier

Back to Basics – There is No Place Like A Home

In the end, we hope we can agree that relocating to your mom and dad’s house is not a frightening experience, and it can work out fine, even though you do it at your later age. Let getting back to your roots and a secure place give you the strength and inspire you to move further. Because there is no such a place as home.

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