Blog November 24, 2020

Signs That It’s Time for You to Move Home

Moving home is bound to change your life, at least to some degree. So if you are apprehensive about reaching such a big decision, that is completely understandable. Because we know how daunting it is to be at a crossroads when it comes to your home address, we have decided to put together a list of signs that show that it just might be the time for you to move.

You Have Never Lived Anywhere Else

        If you’ve spent all your life living in the same home, at the same address, you might want to change that. Now, we’re not saying that just because you’ve never moved before, you should do it right away. But if you feel like you might be missing out on things going on outside your home town, that is reason enough to take a leap of faith. Besides, what is the worst thing that can happen? If you end up not liking any other place other than your hometown, you can always go back.

You Have Always Wanted To Live Someplace

        If you grew up in New York City, but always dreamt about living on a farm somewhere in Georgia, then do something about it! Likewise, if you feel a longing to experience the busy life of a metropolis, stop wishing your life away. Knowing there is a place out there that would make you happier and not doing anything about it will get you nowhere.

You Don’t Enjoy the Climate

        Being a fan of winter sports and living in Arizona doesn’t sound like much of a life, does it? Besides, climate can do much more than just make you stay inside when you’d rather be at the beach. For example, if you suffer from allergies, moving to a place where there isn’t anything to trigger them can make your life much easier and happier.

You Want to Be Closer To Someone You Love

        Yes, we are aware that dropping everything and chasing after love doesn’t sound like a rational reason to move, but the fact is – it can be. Long distance relationships aren’t good for anyone other than telecommunication companies. Besides, just because you are moving to another state, doesn’t necessarily mean you will leave your old life behind. We are lucky enough to live in an era when it can take us just several hours to travel to the other side of the country.

You Are Considering Starting a Family

        Let’s be real – not all places are ideal for raising children. So if you are considering starting a family, you should probably also think about whether where you live is the place to do it. Look up your state’s laws, education system, and childcare options, and if they are not ideal, then it might be time to move to a more family-friendly part of the country.

You Don’t See a Reason to Stay

        No reason to stay is a good reason to go. If you feel like there is nothing tying you down to the place where you are now, you might want to consider moving. This doesn’t necessarily have to mean that you hate where you live now, but simply that you could be happier and more fulfilled somewhere else.

You Have Always Wanted to Move

        If you have spent a significant portion of your life simply daydreaming about living somewhere else, but never got around to actually do it (for whatever reason), now is the time! All you have to do is decide where to go.

You Got Offered a New Position

        Let’s face it – while there are so many romantic or idealistic reasons to move, the most common one is career. If you got an offer for a better position in another state, this will most likely be the reason why you will move. However, in order to avoid regretting your decision later on, think about the offer. Will you be happier at the new place? Will you be making more money? Will you have a more fulfilling job?

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