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Celebrate Long Distance Valentine’s Day With Style – 6 Best Ideas

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Kate Holland

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Having a Valentine that lives somewhere far away can be hard on this special holiday for couples. But a long-distance Valentine’s day doesn’t have to be sad. With some fantastic yet straightforward Valentine’s ideas for a long-distance relationship, you can turn it into something memorable and fulfilling.

There’s no better date for showing off how much you care for each other than February 14th. It’s the world’s most famous romantic day, celebrated globally, of which Americans are especially fond. They think it’s so meaningful that, according to the National Retail Federation, they spend up to $5 billion on jewelry for this special occasion. But what if you and your loved one are far away from each other? Before you step up your bond by paying for interstate moving services and changing your address to be closer, you can still have a date full of romance – together apart.

What Can I Do for Valentine’s Day Long-Distance?

When you and your significant other live in close vicinity, this famous couples’ holiday is easier to manage. All you have to do is plan what gifts you’ll get each other and how you’ll spend your afternoon. But if you haven’t reached that point where you move for love in a long-distance relationship just yet, it’s where you will need to step up your romance game and get creative.

Couples Who Live Apart Have It Tough, but Can Make It Work

Living in different states yet maintaining a healthy relationship is not easy. No matter how the two of you have met, you’ve perhaps had to figure out the cost of an interstate move and relocate to one of the best cities for millennials to pursue your career. But that has also meant that your reasons to move had led you further away from your partner.

But for many couples, living in different parts of the country doesn’t necessarily mean their feelings have to come to an end. Instead, some relationships grow stronger when facing these kinds of challenges. And now the most romantic holiday approaches, and you should find some ideas to blow your partner’s mind and leave them speechless and in awe. So, how do you wish your Valentine day in a long-distance relationship, and where should you start?

A couple having a picnic and talking about moving interstate
Around 75% of college students have relationships that span over miles

Plan Your Long-Distance Valentines Day Ahead

Although many things in life are doable at the last moment, just like last-minute moving is, it’s better to plan things and make them go smoothly. It’s the same with the long-distance Valentine’s day ideas – have a few up your sleeve and ensure this year’s romantic holiday will get as memorable as it can. Although the time of Coronavirus is still upon us, we are allowed to travel, so you should be making some preparations for sweeping your sweetheart off their feet. Also, ensure that they are free and eligible to travel around that date.

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Prepare a Reservation in a Spa or Someplace Where You Can Both Relax

There’s no better reason to go out and scout the best cities in America to raise a family than to spend the holiday with your partner. If you still see the two of you together in the years to come, you can also visit some of the best coastal cities to raise a family and experience your potential future home while relaxing. While spending a couple of hours in a spa is always an option, here are some long-distance relationship Valentine’s Day ideas where you can be on February 14th:

  • Savannah, Georgia, is so charming that you will want to spend more than just an afternoon walking around its beautiful squares and taking photos of your SO posing in front of houses with a charming architectural style. You can choose to go on a picnic in Forsythe Park (Spanish moss drapes the walkways so it enhances the charming vibe) or dine in a lovely restaurant.
  • Aspen, Colorado, is your ultimate snowy getaway, especially for those couples who don’t really like spending a holiday in one of the best beach towns to live in. So, where could you start here? From going on a hot air balloon ride and skiing down the slopes to enjoying a luxury hotel and all its conveniences, you will both love it here.
  • There are no romantic travel lists without Hawaii, so we’ll recommend taking your partner to Kauai. Once you take a virtual tour of the island, you will realize why it’s called the “Garden Isle” – the cliffs and the perfect sand, surrounded by the green hills, contribute to a feeling of a real-life paradise. It will make you question your current whereabouts and start thinking about the cheapest way to move out of state and live in Hawaii.

There is no other gift that beats a holiday spent together if you are both able to leave your daily obligations. But even if you can’t make it to travel on this date, you can plan out a trip like this any other time of the year and still have a romantic getaway.

In the following video, you can take a peek at just how lovely a town Savannah, Georgia, is.

Send Well Thought Out Valentine’s Day Long-Distance Gifts

No one knows your partner like you do, so you might presume what they would bring a smile to their face. Jewelry, chocolates, fragrance, and flowers are always a great idea if you’re not into a more personalized gift. Perhaps your loved one would like to receive a good book, or you could snoop through their Amazon wishlist and get an idea of what to send.

Make a Specialized Package and Send It to Their Home

Perhaps you’re wondering – what do I get my long-distance boyfriend for Valentine’s Day? Besides preparing for a long-distance relationship move, more personalized gifts are always a great way to show off just how much you love them. It’s because they will realize how you went through the trouble to come up with an idea for the gift and made it happen.

Speaking about lovely gifts, there are a lot of very talented artists on Etsy who could create a custom portrait of you as a couple. Another similar yet different idea is to buy a beautiful handcrafted photo album and fill it with photos of the times spent together.

A memory jar is another great way to surprise them – buy it, and fill it up with different notes you shared between you, tickets from trips you went on together, and other memorabilia. You’ll only need to find some great tips on packing fragile items so the jar doesn’t get damaged in transport. You won’t require a packing service to do it because a lot of bubble wrap and a sturdy cardboard box might do the trick.

A stack of packages with a note wrapped for interstate moving
More than 61% of Americans plan on buying a gift for their loved one on this holiday for lovebirds

Have a Video Date Through Zoom

Although you probably chat with your significant other frequently, because you both live on your own and enjoy each other’s company this way often, there’s no reason not to use video chat to your advantage. Zoom dates can be anything you want them to be – romantic, fun, or with some spice. It solely depends on the moods of both of you and how much effort you put into it. Prepare some candles, good music, and wine, relax and talk about your daily life, plans, or a movie you’ve watched.

How Do You Do a Virtual Valentines Day? Some More Valentine’s Day Ideas for Long-Distance Relationships to Make a Perfect Date

Perhaps cooking together was something you both have done before (and maybe your partner’s cooking skills are worth hiring state-to-state movers and relocating,) but have you ever done it through a video chat? Agree on the time, and spend a couple of hours preparing a dish, each in your own kitchen.

If you’re both book lovers, you can have a rendezvous while reading to each other or discussing a book you’ve both read before the date. Perhaps you can try writing something for each other, then reading it in a video chat.

If one of you has moved out for the first time and is looking for some small apartment ideas, you can tour the new place through your partner’s camera and figure out how to arrange it. You can also decide together what to get rid of and help them sort out which items could be kept in storage unit.

Stream a Romantic Movie Together

If you both enjoy movies but can’t go to a cinema on February 14th, the video chat can be a handy tool for this, too. Watch Breakfast at Tiffany’s, an all-time classic about a writer living next door to a girl who moved from a small town to a big city. Or perhaps The Notebook, a modern romance drama. There are a lot of movies to pick from and stream on this special date. Many of us never grew tired of crying and hugging our significant other while watching Jack’s and Rose’s love unfold in Titanic, but La La Land could help us be in a more movie magic mood. However, if you just want to have fun together and watch Red Notice, no one’s there to judge.

A woman chatting on a laptop
Romantic comedies are still very popular among adults

Surprise Them and Spend a Few Days Together

Planning a trip could be a bit risky, especially if you’re both committed to your careers and something may come up at the last moment. Also, going to meet the new neighbors because they’re having a successful garage sale where you can find something to buy and send to your loved one is great. Nevertheless, nothing beats being side by side with the one you love. Say nothing ahead so you won’t spoil the surprise, buy a plane ticket, get that well-thought-out gift into some charming wrapping, and be on your way.

A man holding a bouquet of flowers
Nearly 30% of Americans buy flowers on this holiday

Perhaps It’s Time to Level up Your Bond and Move

Maybe you’re one of those people who take Meat Loaf’s lyrics to their heart and believe that moving state to state, saying bye to friends, and leaving your current home behind is something you wouldn’t do. So you’re thinking – And I would do anything for love, But I won’t do that. But if you’re putting all the effort into this special occasion, it’s probably time to think about investing in high-quality auto transport service, packing your bags, and moving to a new state. With a future life together in mind, you can chase away all the anxiety about moving out and step into a brand new life.

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