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Benefits of Living in the Countryside

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Milly Andrews

Born and raised in Portland, Milly has had a lot of experience moving and writing about the relocation process.

Are you tired of the city noise and traffic? Are you looking for a slower-paced lifestyle with more space to yourself? If so, then living in the countryside may be the right decision for you. There are many benefits of relocating to the country, which is why more and more people opt for this step. Keep reading if you wish to discover everything rural areas have to offer.

One of the Best Things About Countryside Living Is the Spaciousness

One of the biggest relocation benefits you’ll gain after the move to a more rural area is more space. A huge backyard can surely come in handy when you’re relocating with pets or simply want to enjoy your day outside – but don’t forget about the acres of land that stretch as far as the eye can see, either. And that is not all! Since most housing options you’ll be able to choose from are houses, you won’t even have to come up with creative storage ideas like you probably would have if you opted for renting an apartment in a city.

If you want to get away from the hustle and bustle of city life and enjoy a simpler, calmer existence, relocating to a new home in a rural area can help you achieve it. However, when you decide to move, there are other things to consider regarding the space, such as its quality. That being said, know that a move to more rural regions often brings:

Less noise

If you’ve ever lived in an urban area or even a suburban neighborhood, you know how much noise pollution there can be. When you move to a rural area, all that noise disappears, so you can relax and truly enjoy your surroundings.

Cleaner air

Another great benefit of living in rural areas is that there is usually cleaner air thanks to fewer cars on the roads and fewer factories emitting smoke into the atmosphere. This means that the air quality will be much better than it would be if you decide to move to a big city, where pollution levels can be quite high.

Proximity to nature

After relocating out of state to a more rustic environment, you’ll be closer to nature than ever before. Whether you love going for hikes through forests or just relaxing by a lake, there’s something special about being surrounded by natural beauty. Plus, if you’re into bird watching or wildlife photography, living in rural areas can open up some exciting opportunities!

The Cost of Living Is Significantly Lower Than in Densely Populated Urban Areas

For those looking to move to a new state, there are many factors to consider, from job opportunities to amenities a new place offers. Still, one of the first things people who plan to move think about is the cost of living in a new place, especially if they are relocating to a new city alone. The good news is that rural areas commonly bring much lower expenses than urban ones. This is due to several factors, such as lower grocery and utility bills or, more importantly, less expensive housing.

Naturally, the cost of living and the value you receive from it will vary depending on where you reside. However, if you want to move out of state on a budget and receive more for your money, you should look first at what the rural areas have to offer.

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Living in the Countryside Will Allow You to Have More Privacy

One of the main advantages of moving state-to-state to a more rural area is that you’ll have more space between yourself and your neighbors. In most cases, there will be much larger plots of land separating houses than what would be found in cities, so there is less chance that you’ll feel like your neighbor is right on top of you all the time. You’ll be able to meet new neighbors after the move, but you’ll also be able to preserve your privacy and peace.

In addition to having more physical space between yourself and your neighbor, there will also likely be fewer people around than if you lived in an urban area. You may even find that it’s easier to relax outdoors since there won’t be as many people nearby who might disturb your alone time.

At the same time, when living in a rural setting, it’s likely that you’ll have more control over your environment than if you lived closer to a city center. You’ll also have plenty of opportunities to customize your home – from landscaping projects to adding features like decks or patios, making sure it suits both your needs and preferences.

A large brick house
You will have plenty of room to yourself

More Privacy Doesn’t Exclude Community Spirit – And the Country Brings a Lot of It

In small towns and rural areas, people tend to look out for each other more than they do in cities, where everyone is focused on getting from point A to point B as quickly as possible. In the country, people help out whenever they can, which creates a strong bond between members of a town or village. Whether it’s helping an elderly neighbor with yard work or providing food for someone who’s struggling financially, these small gestures add up over time, creating a genuine feeling of connectedness among residents. Therefore, as long as you’re willing to make an effort, making new friends after you get packing services and move shouldn’t be an issue.

You’re Less Likely to Become a Crime Victim After Relocating to the Country

In general, cities tend to have higher populations and, thus, more people who can potentially commit crimes. Additionally, urban areas often experience overcrowding and poverty-related issues, which can lead to higher levels of criminal activity. In contrast, rural communities are typically smaller and have less population density overall.

At the same time, the aforementioned tight communities help create an environment where neighbors are looking out for each other, which makes it much harder for criminals or suspicious individuals to take action against them.

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People Living in Rustic Areas Have Better Access to Organic Food

Those who live in rustic areas will find that they have much better access to fresh, locally-grown produce at farmers’ markets than those who live in urban centers. Local farmers often bring an impressive variety of fruits and vegetables to these markets, giving people a chance to purchase produce that has been freshly harvested from their own backyard gardens or nearby farms. Not only does this guarantee freshness, but it also allows people to support local businesses and contribute to their community’s economy.

In addition, note that the lack of other industries means fewer chemicals are released into the air and soil, which makes it easier for organic farmers to maintain their standards and avoid contamination from pesticides or other pollutants.

Organic vegetables bought after cross-country moving
Fresh produce will be at your fingertips after the move

Comparing the Pros and Cons of Living in the Country

There are many differences between city and country life, and naturally, both come with a list of benefits and disadvantages. Everyone has their own idea of what makes a perfect home – does city or rural living fit into yours?

Rural areas offer many benefits that can appeal to those seeking a slower pace of life, offering all elements we mentioned above – bigger space, lower prices, increased safety, more privacy, and access to an overall healthier life. Still, once you move to a rural area, it may take longer to get to the place you are going. If you need more time to get to some event, it would be only a minor inconvenience. However, if you’re relocating with a newborn and need a pediatrician, for example, it can become a problem.

One of the major advantages of living in an urban area compared to the country is access to amenities such as restaurants, entertainment, cultural activities, and more. Additionally, most urban areas offer better education options and a variety of job opportunities to choose from, meaning relocating without a job can be an issue if your chosen destination is a rural area.

So, should you start organizing a move to the country? The decision rests solely on you. If you think that rural areas are better fitting for your desired lifestyle, you should consider getting long-distance moving services and finding a new home in the country. However, if you’re used to the amenities a big city offers, and don’t want to give up on them, then you should take more time to decide if planning a move to the country is a good choice.

Countryside scenery during the fall
Living in the country can be an excellent choice - but only if it's what you truly want

Best Places to Live in the Countryside

If the benefits of life and the country outweigh the disadvantages, and you decide that a move should be your next step, you need to make decisions about your future destination. If you don’t know where to start, take a look at our favorites:

  • McPherson County, KS – This place is known for its rich history and vibrant agricultural community. With rolling green fields, picturesque wildlife, and charming small towns, McPherson County is the perfect place to enjoy the simple pleasures of life.
  • Oconee County, GA – A beautiful rural community in the northeastern part of Georgia. With rolling hills, scenic vistas, and plenty of green space, Oconee is a wonderful place to live and explore. Whether you enjoy hiking on the nature trails or simply relaxing by the lake, there are so many great things to see and do here.
  • Grafton County, NH – Some of the most popular attractions in Grafton County include hiking trails along stunning mountain peaks and serene lakes where visitors can enjoy a relaxing day out on the water. There are also snow-covered ski slopes with some of the best skiing and snowboarding in the region.

If You Decide to Make the Country Your New Home, Let State-To-State Movers Help You Get There

Interstate moving is bound to bring a lot of relocation anxiety – even more if you decide to leave everything you know and start anew in the country. However, If you’ve decided that the time is right for you to make a change and relocate, the best way to do so is to hire movers.

Long-distance moving experts will work with you to help you move efficiently and ensure your transition is as seamless as possible. They will make your move easier, allowing you to focus on other aspects of the move, such as adapting to your new surroundings. Therefore, make sure you don’t miss that chance and book your move on time.

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