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The Pros and Cons of Moving to a Cold Climate

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Gemma Collins

Gemma is an NJ local that has explored all the US states, making her the perfect person to write about moving.

When people fantasize about relocating somewhere idyllic, they imagine warm places filled with palm trees and sand. However, there’s another side that dreams of colder areas, which we don’t mention enough. If you’re on this side of the dreamers’ coin, check out why moving to a cold climate is good (and bad) for you.

You Can Find Both Pros and Cons for Moving to a Cold Climate

Learning how to acclimate to cold weather doesn’t require as much effort as you imagine. Relocating to a new state where it’s often or always chilly seems nightmarish to people. Still, you’ll find it easier to adapt and live a fulfilling life if you just let yourself acclimate to the weather naturally instead of continuously worrying about how freezing or damp it’s going to be.

Even if you’re moving for a job and don’t see much good coming out of it, don’t fight the natural process. Giving colder areas a chance will allow you to see the good wherever you may find yourself, which people forget over time.

You’ll rejoice in taking vacations to warm places more and understand how to survive the coldest temperatures. After all, some sources say it is easier to adapt to the chill because you can layer up and wear whatever you want.

The biggest of your worries should be how to find great relocation services, pack your belongings, and pack a relocation truck. The technicalities of relocating should be on your mind a lot more than what the chill will bring.

A person looking at Seattle, Washington, after moving state to state
Giving colder areas a chance will aid you in adapting faster and better to different climates

Relocating to an Icy State Means Never Being Nervous About the Winter

One benefit of relocating to a colder climate is that you’ll never worry about the winter. People sometimes get depressed after summer and need time to adjust to the colder months. If your new home has colder summers than what you’re used to, it’ll be easier to handle because it’ll at least be consistent.

You may start feeling depressed after relocating somewhere freezing, in which case going outside and using a SAD lamp might work the best. SAD means Seasonal Affective Disorder and typically occurs during fall and winter. This is mainly due to the lack of daylight and sunshine, which can affect some people negatively.

If you feel sadder and more sluggish during colder months, you may want to check with a doctor if you have SAD. Adjusting to colder temperatures during the entire year will give you better chances to adapt to any seasonal changes and disorders.

Relocating for a long-distance relationship may require some adjusting, but you’ll have your partner help you adapt to everything and ensure you feel comfortable enough after such a massive change. Whatever the reason for relocating, you’ll fare better if you establish a support system before the move.

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If You’re Relocating With a Young Family, Your Kids Will Love the Weather

If you’ve looked into the best cities to raise a family and found one in a chilly climate, don’t worry about how your children will adapt. Some kids adjust very quickly to different environments, and many have the innate ability to find fun in any season.

If your children are adaptable and easygoing, you won’t have to worry about their adjustment period or methods. Still, you know how to handle and care for each member the best depending on the situation.

Children who move out for the first time may find it challenging being without some parts of their old environment, like friends and play buddies, but encouraging them to enjoy winter and snow can help their creativity flow and meet new friends by being outdoors a lot.

A dad and his daughter packing for moving interstate
Kids can adjust to chilly climates easily as long as they can meet new friends and play

Fewer Allergies Come Up in Colder Climates

As soon as spring hits the corner, allergies come up. People sneeze, wheeze, and catch colds from their allergies, and many sources report increasing numbers each year. If you have allergies, relocating somewhere chilly will be one of the better reasons to move because you’ll avoid them almost completely.

Of course, we say almost entirely because there are no absolutes when it comes to allergic reactions and sensitivities. Depending on the air quality and the environment, your allergies will either reduce by a lot or go away fully.

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Theories Suggest People Living in a Cold Climate Live Longer

It may be more difficult to relocate during pregnancy, but the air quality will suit you better and reduce inflammation since the cold air is like a metaphorical ice pack. Additionally, icy climates trigger the immune system to work harder and better, making it easier to fight back the flu and infections.

Our tip for moving from state to state is, besides calling movers for professional packing services, is to consider this benefit and put it at the top of your list of reasons to move somewhere colder. You can relocate with your pets, too, which will encourage you to spend time outside and boost your immune system daily.

Bonus Pro: You Won’t Need to Worry About Mosquitos and Bugs

When there’s snow outside, there are no bugs. Generally, when the temperatures drop, we rarely see any insects or critters running and flying around. If bugs scare or creep you out, you can rest assured that you won’t be able to see them in freezing climates.

That’s one benefit of relocating in winter, too. While wearing layers, you won’t be bothered by insects. Just follow tips from movers, and you can safely relocate during any season. Below is a short overview of winter weather’s health benefits, put together in a video.

Communities Living In a Cold Climate Tend to Be More Tight-Knit

People who move long-distance can feel overwhelmed by trying to make new friends, which could cause anxiety about relocating even while planning a move to another city. It can be nerve-wracking to try and meet people constantly, especially in communities where everyone is obviously quite close to each other.

Still, if you’ve never lived in a chilly or freezing area, the locals will flock to help you out and make it possible to adapt easier. While some people don’t want to depend on others for their assistance and good will, it will always be beneficial when you move to a place you know nothing about.

People Often Help Each Other and Develop Teamwork

Have you noticed how the most advanced and cooperative societies in the world live in freezing climates? Finland, Iceland, and Canada are the most obvious examples of this. Finland has been voted “the happiest country in the world” for many years in a row, which isn’t something you’d expect, considering it is constantly freezing out there.

Canada has some of the most tolerant social policies and is a haven for numerous migrants. Iceland has some of the most satisfied residents globally, where they work four days a week at a national level and feel safe enough to let their children play outside unattended.

We don’t mean to say all colder places are amazing and well-organized, but it is interesting to see what they have in common. Their residents work together more often, as arduous conditions force people to cooperate and assist each other. This is an interesting factor to consider when relocating to a big city in a frosty environment.

A man pulling a face while it's snowing outside
Freezing climates can sometimes connect people and have them work together

The Cons: You Need to Wear Layers, Every Day and Most of the Time

The first thing you’ll learn on how to adjust to cold weather is layering. Wearing multiple layers of clothing can be annoying and complex, which is why investing in a high-quality coat and boots will be of utmost importance. Consider them your relocation essentials.

While chilly places may not be where many Californians are relocating, we know how tough it can be to pack bulky jackets and other items at 70 degrees if you are one of them. However, your warm area may also be an excellent place to buy snow gear since it can be cheaper off-season (or in places where the season never comes.)

Try some verified equipment, like McKinley, The North Face, Patagonia, and Columbia. Some of these brands can get quite expensive, but they often have discounts, so try to catch some before leaving to get reasonable prices and a high-quality jacket.

You’ll see that you won’t need to wear too many layers with high-quality boots and jackets. Just don’t forget a hat and some gloves to complete the look and protect your body from the chill fully.

A man wearing a gray North Face jacket and a hat while it's snowing
Investing in good, high-quality clothing will mean a lot for your health and safety in the freezing temperatures

Adjusting to Low Temperatures Means Spending a Lot of Money

If you ask anyone for tips on how to live in cold weather, they’ll recommend getting suitable gear for the season. Besides shoveling snow at your front door and adding chains to your car tires, you’ll have to spend money on heating, suitable clothes, and wearable gear.

To make your moving stress-free, you don’t have to buy all these things before heading out. Just make sure you buy it as soon as you arrive. For example, if you let a relocation company provide car shipping services, try to take care of things before the car comes – clear out the driveway in case there’s a lot of snow and pour salt to reduce icy surfaces.

When the car arrives, the driveway will be ready for you to go anywhere. All you have to do is add chains to the tires or replace them with winter ones. Before relocating to your new home, make a checklist for interstate moving and follow it.

Motivate Yourself to Do Things Daily

The fact is – freezing temperatures are annoying. In the beginning, you’ll always feel chilly, no matter how many layers you put on, so no tips can actually work at that period. However, you’ll get used to it after a while and feel no obligation to get dressed and go about your day.

Understandably, icy temperatures aren’t as motivating as a bright, sunny day, but getting your energy up and being ready for the day will be up to you most frequently. Making the best of any situation isn’t something many people can do, but relocating to another state alone (or with family) will be a good opportunity to practice that.

A girl throwing snow after moving state to state, surrounded by trees
It's vital to stay motivated and encourage yourself and your family daily

Prepare to Move to Your Chilly Home With the Help of State to State Movers

Calling movers to help you move, whether it’s planned weeks ahead or at the last minute, you’ll get all the necessary assistance. The cost of moving interstate with a professional relocation company will ultimately be lower than attempting to do everything yourself. Professionals are trained to pack and transport items adequately, while you may not be.

With pros, you can get additional benefits, like storage services and relocation insurance. Many companies offer other options for packing and car shipping, so you can customize your long-distance trip and tailor it to your needs.

Relocating to icy environments can be tough, but not impossible with the help of professional movers and some motivation that things will work out well in the end. Your winter wonderland is expecting you, so find a home there now.

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