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Moving to a Cold State? Here’s Your Moving-Out List

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Change of lifestyle and numerous health benefits are two main reasons why people choose to hire state-to-state movers and settle in one of the colder states. However, you might wonder – “Is there a checklist for moving?”. Due to the specific climate, the moving-out list will not be an ordinary one. Since these relocations can get rough, it is important to know how to prepare for wintry weather.

Make Sure the Heating Is Available in the New Home – The First Point on Your Moving Checklist

What are the things you should do before you move in? When it comes to relocating to a new home in a state with cold weather, the first thing is to turn on the heating. You might have already notified everyone about relocation in your hometown, but when relocating to a colder climate, the company that provides heating needs to be notified in advance. Whether you are relocating from an apartment to a house or vice versa, noticing that there is no heating in your bathroom and other rooms once you start unpacking after the move could end up feeling like a complete disaster.

No Moving-Out List of Essentials Can Be Complete Without Research on the Cost of Living

Researching the cost of living is especially important when moving interstate to a different climate. If the choice is Alaska or North Dakota (the coldest states in the US), you have to calculate the expenses carefully and determine whether it suits your relocation budget. In cases like these, the general rule is that the heating bill will be much higher most of the time. However, since this depends a lot on the location you have chosen, websites like can help a lot with this kind of research.

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Inspect Whether the Desired Home Is Properly Insulated Before Relocating to the City

This is one of the most important house haunting tips for colder climates. Even though a place seems ideal, if it doesn’t have proper insulation, you’ll end up with a lot of additional expenses. Here are some tips on how to check whether a new apartment or house is insulated:

Expensive heating bills

A good relocation tip is to ask the real estate agent or the landlord about the price for heating and then compare it to the average of the city you are planning to move to. Of course, you’ll compare only houses and apartments of the similar or the same size. If the bill seems too high, that is usually an indication of poor insulation, as a lot more energy has to be expended in order to warm the place up.

Uneven temperatures

If the heating is on while inspecting a place, but you feel cold in some rooms and not in others, it means that the place is not completely insulated.


Chilly streams of air around windows and doorways are a sign that these places have not been insulated. Truth be told, this is not a big problem, and you shouldn’t give up on relocating to another state because of it, as it can be fixed within a day.

Damp and cold internal walls

Walls on the inside of the house or an apartment should be dry and warm at all times. If the wall is damp when you touch it, this is always a bad sign.

Winter Clothes and Bedding Will Dominate Your Moving-Out List of Things to Buy

What do I need when I first move out? – If this will be your first time experiencing colder climates, know that your relocation to another state checklist will include getting many different pieces of winter clothing.

Now, there is one useful relocation hack for this situation. If you are relocating from a warmer part of the country, naturally, you won’t have much winter attire. But don’t rush into local stores to buy everything. Instead, buy the winter attire you need once you have relocated, as the prices will be lower in places where they are commonly used. Hopefully, you’ll have sufficient winter clothing to get you through the relocation day preparations. Here is a winter essentials list for moving out:

  • Beanies, earmuffs, and ski caps,
  • Trench coats, long coats, jackets, ski suits,
  • Gloves and mittens,
  • Winter boots,
  • Woolen sweaters, long-sleeved shirts, and pants.

Also, don’t forget about winter bedding. You will need to get woolen blankets and flannel sheets if you don’t have them when relocating to a cold climate.

Winter Equipment Is Also Necessary for the Maintenance of Your New House

Now, this might seem like a disadvantage, but it is a fact that there are more house-related errands in colder states. However, there is another way of thinking about it. Cleaning snow demands physical effort, and it is considered healthy overall. Hence, you will be much more physically engaged. Nonetheless, you will need appropriate tools, and here is what has to be bought:

  • Shovels,
  • Snow Blowers,
  • Roof rakes,
  • Brushes and scrapers.

In addition, most households in Alaska, for example, have backup generators if power supplies fail under the pressure of snow.

This Is the Ideal Chance to Get Rid of All Unnecessary Items

While making the checklist, you will see that your home has many unnecessary items (primarily summer clothing). There is no reason to move such things, so you will have a great opportunity to downsize for the move. Try, perhaps, to organize a garage sale, but if that doesn’t work, all unnecessary objects can always be donated or stored.

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Relocating in Wintry Weather Conditions Requires More Protective Materials

If you are relocating during winter to a colder state, know that there will be a lot of snow falling, including an increased risk of moisture complications. This is especially true if you have to use storage services, as storage facilities are almost always needed when relocating in wintry or rainy conditions.

You will have to apply double packaging materials for relocation, particularly when packing items like electronics that are extra sensitive to moisture. You will also have to consider using plastic containers instead of cardboard boxes, especially if there are a lot of documents to be organized.

Consider Hiring Professional Assistance When Moving State to State to a New Apartment or House

Interstate moving during wintry weather conditions has its risks, especially since you will have to move furniture in less-than-ideal weather conditions. The same goes for all the fragile items that have to be packed or placed in storage units. This is all risky, and you might end up damaging your possessions or, even worse, harming yourself. Therefore, if you have the means, consider booking a long-distance moving company and their packing services.

A relocation truck used for interstate moving
Relocation crews are trained to deal with all weather conditions and provide reliable storage services

Vehicles Require Special Preparation When Relocating to a Colder Climate

First of all, you have to realize that driving in wintry conditions is not a laughing matter, and if you have no experience, icy roads can be extremely dangerous. Therefore, check the weather forecast often and try to avoid blizzards. Nevertheless, your car has to be properly equipped, and items that are absolutely necessary are:

  • Winter tires,
  • Tire socks,
  • Chains,
  • Ice scrapers.

You should also try sticking to roads that are constantly cleared from snow and ice. You can follow the road conditions on the National Weather Service website, but make sure to check radio stations frequently as well.

Auto Transport Service Might Be the Best Choice for These Weather Conditions

If you don’t feel comfortable yet driving in such conditions, it might be better to choose a relocation company and book some auto transport services. The overall efficiency of relocation will certainly be much higher, and most importantly, your car will arrive safely and on time at the desired destination.

However, there is one more thing to consider when relocating a vehicle. Auto-transport companies offer two different services:

  • Open auto transport – Booking these services means your car will be transported with an open trailer, exposed to weather conditions and other external elements.
  • Enclosed auto transport – Getting this option means your car will be transported with an enclosed trailer, allowing it to stay completely protected from all external elements.

In most cases, open auto transport is sufficient. However, you might want to consider enclosed auto transport here, especially if the weather forecast says that there is a chance of blizzards, and even more so if you own an expensive vehicle.

Prepare Yourself for Fun Winter Activities

Besides being extremely fun, winter activities are unbelievably healthy, and this is one of the main benefits of relocating to a colder climate. However, you need to have the proper equipment for them. Therefore, you should do some research and determine what interests you the most. Skiing, snowboarding, snowshoeing, and ice skating will most likely be available, and they are all fascinating.

Moreover, if you are relocating with kids, know that your little ones will absolutely love the snow and all activities associated with it. Hence, getting toboggans or sleds will provide fun activities for the whole family. Children will also like to play a lot outside by making snowmen and snowball fighting, so make sure to have at least two pairs of warm clothing for your young ones.

Snowboarders walking under a sunny sky
Winter sports are incredibly fun and exciting

You Have to Prepare Your Pets for Wintry Weather Conditions

If you are relocating with pets, you’ll have to add pet-related things to your to-do list for moving out of state. This mostly applies to dogs, as other pets don’t or cannot enjoy the snow. However, most dog breeds will absolutely love snow. Still, there are a few recommended pet objects that will help them adjust to the different climate:

  • Weatherproof dog jackets – This article of pet clothing is especially important for short-haired breeds, as such dogs will find extremely low temperatures uncomfortable, to say the least.
  • Dog Paw Wax – As you might have guessed from the name, paw wax protects your dog’s paws. The thing is, paws are quite susceptible to frost, and ice might build up between the toes, which can be painful for your dog.
  • Dog camping bed – If you are planning to make long hikes in the snowy mountains (which you should, as it is incredibly healthy), having a camping bed for your dog can help it a lot for resting. Dog breeds that are not accustomed to spending a lot of time in low temperatures might find long exposure to snow uncomfortable, and it is best to have something that separates dogs from the snow.

Protecting your dog’s wellbeing is extremely important, and here is a lovely video on how to properly take care of your dog’s paws, as they are the most susceptible to frost bites.

Relocating to a Cold State Can Be Highly Beneficial for You and Your Family Members

Human beings have adapted to almost all weather conditions, and different climates can be beneficial to human health in their own unique ways. It is not strange for a person to grow tired of oppressive heat and think about relocating somewhere where one can experience snow. Of course, you should consider all advantages and disadvantages and see what is best for you, and contact some relocation professionals as soon as you decide to move.

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